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Royal Family News: Meghan Markle Tried To Thwart “Bad Vibes” In NYC

Meghan MarkleBritish royal family news reveals that someone in the know is outing Meghan Markle’s odd indulgence during her weekend trip to NYC. She and Harry were in town for a charity event and took the opportunity to intrude on various big wigs while getting in some downtime in Harlem as well.

The two thirsty peeps made sure their pics were taken with VIPs and splashed everywhere but they also made sure to visit a school for disadvantaged youth, with critics calling out Meghan for wearing an outfit worth a small fortune to the down and out school.

Now former Tatler journalist Mariella Tandy has an intriguing claim about the failed princess that is absolutely priceless.

Royal Family News – Meghan Markle Left Her Kids Behind

She told MailOnline of one piece of Meghan’s jewelry, “It’s got an evil eye on the chain and the hand of hamsa, so you get double protection. We get a lot of them gifted when someone is pregnant, and sometimes they buy an evil eye for the baby as well.”

An Evil Eye For The Baby. Curious.

What we do know is that Meghan has come under fire for wearing, “blood diamonds,” on at least two occasions, proving that lessons learned are not guaranteed with the royal runaway.

Prince Harry was also mentioned in Tandy’s interview. What did the royal watcher have to say about the Court Jester? Nothing that plenty of other experts and non-fans haven’t already said.

Royal Family News: The Markle’s Are Getting Flak

Tandy accused the Fresh Prince of Montecito of, “behaving like they’re doing a royal visit,” after deserting the royal family.

At the same time the couple accrued much criticism for their OTT NYC visit, opinion polls show that the public is not very thrilled with the unroyal pair. Royally Us podcast host Robert Jobson has said, “I’m not sure Meghan will ever come to Britain again, she’s not popular here now.”

“The idea of her standing next to the Queen, doting on the Queen, when you’ve got a book coming out in which you’re going to spill more dirty linen in public does seem a little hypocritical.”

“We’ll have to wait and see. I’m sure Harry thinks he’ll be there for the 70th – the Platinum Jubilee. But you’ve got to remember that within months he’s going to have a book coming out.”

Royal Family News: The Markle’s Are Out of Favor

In case you haven’t taken note of such things, a recent YouGov pol showed that Meghan Markle ranked as the 13th most popular royal, with a meager approval rating of barely 32%. Maybe she needs to invest in a few more good luck charms?

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  1. Guest says

    Meg has no protection, her karma level is minus and counting.

  2. Guest says

    Harry and Meghan are so yesterday's news, they failed at the British royal life and choose anonymity but lied! Yawn show me gorgeous Kate again in that gold dress, now that is royality!

  3. Guest says

    Our tax dollars paid her security most of markels New York trip

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