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Royal Family News: Michelle Obama Will Not Appear in Meghan Markle’s Netflix Show

Michelle Obama British royal family news reveals that assertive Meghan Markle is reaping the divisive seeds she has sown. How has her in-your-face method of communication caused some to reportedly pull back their support of the failed princess?

One royal expert is saying that Me-Again must scrap her plans for an upcoming Netflix voiceover project. She allegedly envisioned that the world’s biggest stars and VIPS would do voiceovers for her project because she’s Rachel Meghan Markle, wife of Prince Harry of the British Royal Family. Presumptuous much?

Royal Family News – What Will Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Do Next?

But things change fast in Hollywood, especially when one shows their true colors. That’s what the Markle’s have been since ditching the royal family and settling down in Montecito.

They have dragged his family, trash talked the monarchy, and many of their outrageous claims of mistreatment have been utterly discredited. It’s been a long, long time since the Markle’s were seen in public with the A-listers they once clung to. These days they’re relegated to staying home and making home movies of themselves acting childish.

Now that the Markle’s have shown us who they are, no one wants to be seen in public with them, at least based on how severely the flood of pics of them dining and shopping with the likes of David Foster has dried up.

For her birthday video in celebration of herself, Melissa McCarthy was the only “friend” she could find?

Meghan Markle Had A Lonely Birthday

Melissa is a competent enough actor but she is no Michelle Obama in terms of her placement in the celebrity stratosphere.

According to royal commentator Neil Sean, Meghan wanted Michelle to be part of her Netflix project. He told Express, “What they really hope to do is get big voice-over names.”

But that wish has been tamped down, “due to the Obama birthday snub,” in which it’s been reported that the Markle’s were not invited to Barack’s Martha’s Vineyard bash in August.

“Now Michelle Obama was one that Meghan Markle was very keen to sign up but that went through the pan when they didn’t get an invite to that spectacular 60th birthday for the former President.”

“I’m not saying Michelle’s now on the back burner but let’s put it this way, the present hasn’t been delivered yet and I kid you not.”

“Now they’re casting their eyes around to see who else they could really connect with and one of the ideas would be their friend for now, loosely speaking, the chat show queen Oprah Winfrey.”

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