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Royal Family News: Piers Morgan Calls Prince Harry And Meghan “Trash Can Wannabes”

British royal family news divulges that Piers Morgan is no fan of the man formerly known as Prince, Harry, and his former game show wife Meghan Markle. Writing in Sky News, the pundit labeled the Markle’s “a pair of B-list wannabes.” What’s got his goat this time around? Talk that the thirsty pair are trading in on their royal connections to make some Benjamins.

Royal Family News – Meghan And Harry Are Thirsty

He said, “To date, they’ve fueled their royal status by constantly trashing the royal family and monarchy to anyone who will hand them a big check. But that shtick’s getting very old.” Now that his father Charles is King, Piers thinks that his patience toward the royal runaways is, “perilously thin.”

“How many more times can they wail in public about how awful their families are before we all just stop listening? And more to the point, how many more times is King Charles going to let them?”

Royal Family News: Piers Morgan Calls Prince Harry And Meghan “Trash Can Wannabes”

Royal Family News – The Markles Are Wearing Thin

Harry’s memoir, Spare, is set to drop January 10, 2023. In anticipation of the jaw dropping book it is claimed that the royal family has “lawyered up.”

Like countless other critics, Morgan believes the book, “will doubtless contain endless new sniping about how badly he and his wife have been treated at the hands of what they want us to believe, without providing any actual evidence.”

The pair are in bed with Netflix, the same streamer denounced for its sordid depiction of Harry’s family, especially his beloved late mother Diana. While people who have never met the late Diana are up in arms over her indelicate portrayal, bratty Harry has stayed eerily silent; perhaps because there’s a mortgage to pay ?

Royal Family News – Harry Is Silent On Netflix

Making matters worse, Harry and Meghan have a Netflix reality show due soon. Piers said, “If I were King Charles, and notwithstanding the fact he still loves his errant son, I’d make it very clear to them that if one more word of public criticism about the royal family or monarchy spews out of their spoiled, entitled, attention-seeking mouths, they’ll be stripped of all remaining titles and dumped into the trash can of former royal irrelevance.” Piers is not often wrong, but he is on this point: the Markles have been irrelevant trash for some time now. Even the great ones get it wrong sometimes.

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  1. Sharon says

    Piers Morgan is proof that PRINCE Harry made the right decision. He’s had nothing good to say about Prince Harry or his beautiful wife from day 1. King Charles should lock him up in the tower.

    1. Jeanette says

      I agree Piers is a joke who takes him serious besides himself

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