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Royal Family News: Prince Andrew and Meghan Markle Are Least Liked Royals, Per New Poll

Royal Family News: Latest Poll Shows Andrew and Meghan Are The Least Liked Royals, Kate and The Queen Most LikedBritish royal family news shows that the UK’s latest YouGov poll shed some interesting light on just who consider themselves to be fans of Kate Middleton. She and Prince William married in Britain 11 years ago and her wedding was watched by millions around the world.

The Guardian reported that the BBC broadcast of William and Kate’s wedding was watched by 34.7 million people, roughly half the U.K. population at that time.

Today, she’s not quite as recognizable–more than a quarter of millennials who participated in a poll have not heard of her!

Royal Family News – Who Is Kate Middleton?

According to data from the pollster YouGov, “Senior royals are among the most famous people in Britain, with more than 90 percent of people consistently saying they have heard of them.” According to its poll, “The Duchess of Cambridge is no different as far as Gen X and baby boomers are concerned, with 99 percent of people falling within the two age brackets saying they had heard of her in surveys through the first quarter of 2022.”

But, that number drops off among millennials. Believe it or not, 72 percent say they have heard of the hard-working mother of three, but a whopping 28 percent claimed to have no idea of who she is!

How can that possibly be?

Royal Family News -Kate Middleton Is Recognizable

YouGov does not explain what could account for the differences. But Newsweek notes that in the poll she is named Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, while in the media she is referred to as Kate Middleton.

It was noted that, “The lower figures among younger audiences drag down her overall fame score by the pollster to 87 percent, below the likes of Prince Edward (89 percent) as well as Princess Beatrice (89 percent) and Princess Eugenie (91 percent).”

Alternatively, 100 percent of respondents knew who Prince Charles is, and 97 percent know who Queen Elizabeth II is. A full 96 percent recognized Prince William and 97 percent recognized Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Royal Family News – Prince Charles Is Recognizable

But, the good news is that very few respondents reported disliking Kate. Over half view her positively (60 percent). In contrast, Queen Elizabeth II was viewed positively by 75 percent of people.

Prince Andrew is the least popular member of the royal family, liked by just 12 percent of adults, leaving the overwhelming majority to shun him. Meghan is the second least popular royal, disliked by 49 percent.

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