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Royal Family News: Prince Harry And Meghan ‘Loudly’ Booed And Jeered

Royal Family News: Harry And MeghanBritish royal family news reveals that the boo birds were out and taking aim for Meghan Markle, Hollywood Harry and Oprah Winfrey at last night’s National Television Awards. You remember that infamous, mud flinging excuse for a television special the trio blasted—well, so does everyone else and when given the chance they expressed their disgust.

Oh my, this does not look good for the main players–Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are on the cusp on cancellation and Oprah Winfrey is actually up for an Emmy for her piece of garbage. Can you imagine how she will handle thanking voters for affirming the slimeball mess in which Harry and Markle trash talked his family while his grandfather was on his deathbed? Me either. But maybe the Queen of Glib can find redemption by interviewing Chrissy Teigen or Melissa McCarthy next?

Royal Family News – Oprah Winfrey Brings Out The Boo Birds

During the UK awards show, Sir Trevor McDonald introduced a video montage of the year’s biggest TV moments, including scenes from the bombastic chat.

Many attendees told MailOnline that the audience got loud with the jeers and boos when Harry and Meghan’s four faces popped up on the screen. Curiously, ITV cut that part out of the recorded telecast. Chicken.

One source told MailOnline, Megan and Harry were shown on screen during a montage of TV moments from the last twelve months. Immediately, there was audible booing throughout the arena. It was as though they were pantomime villains.”

The event was held at London’s O2 arena and described as, “a highlight of the showbiz calendar that is attended by some of Britain’s biggest stars – suggesting that the Sussexes’ reputation has soured even among the celebrity elite.”

Royal Family News – The Markle’s Leave A Bad Taste Behind

According to the outlet a celebrity who wished to remain anonymous, “When the clip came up of Meghan there were boos from the audience. Some shouted out and there was laughing. There were a few embarrassed faces but sadly Meghan was obviously not too popular on the night.”

In case you missed what the bruhaha is about, Meghan and Harry were enabled by Oprah for two and a half hours to drag his family down the gutter, all the while making bizarre, outrageous claims, many of which have since been soundly refuted. Their reputation is in tatters if the audience reaction is any indication.

That was a mercifully fast 15 minutes, wasn’t it?

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  1. lynn mangaras says

    i thought they were ridiculous in the interview and i think it was all meghan and Harry did what he was told, no one cares about meghans story she brought disgrace to her husbands family , but thren shes miss hollywood ,not interested in saving grace

  2. Guest says

    The Brits just don't understand the Californian desire for fame and fortune. This is a BIG drama and Meghan is thrilled to be playing the lead. Harry is being used – she got him to discard his whole family, leave England and buy her a mansion in LA. But at least there are hundreds of psychiatrists there. Gee, do you think they finally are getting the mental health treatment they kept swearing they were denied? Or has the fame and sunshine made all the difference?

  3. Guest says

    what a ridiculous article. surely exaggerated!

  4. Guest says

    They got what they deserved

  5. Guest says

    A few things the Brits seem to overlook…..

    1. Meghan was trashed when she was here, now that she's gone she continues to make waves in the UK. They don't need to seek attention, each time the sun or any other paper in the UK decides to put them on the front page, they're getting it.
    2. Everyone is overlooking the fact that Racism is alive and well in The UK, the Royals are not immune, look at all the countries they've colonised yet they are openly against immigration.
    3. The royals are not accustomed to being upstaged. Charles proved that during his marriage to Diana.
    4. She may not be loved in The UK but Meghan was her own person before she met Harry!
  6. Guest says

    I'm sure Harry and Meghan could care less what you write or what some of these haters say. They are good people and those who think otherwise, including you, are just small minded, sad, pathetic little people who have nothing to do but try to put others down. And speaking of trash, STOP writing it because no one cares.

  7. Guest says

    Here Here,, I am sure you see that H & M are the haters here and all this negative press that they have bought it all on them selves.. And where they could have saved face a bit, in waltzes Miss O. HISTORY of poopness.
    I understand H wants to protect his wife from the press, but come on who is protecting H most certainly not M

  8. Guest says

    They are just writing what I was thinking. The Markles (including Harry Markle) are a scum act. Ms. Markle was clearly disillusioned with life as the second prince's wife and created her own drama. Must be the star at any cost.

  9. Guest says

    It's fascinating how many people emigrate to the UK and America, if they think it's racist why not choose to live elsewhere? I certainly wouldn't want to live in a racist country and especially an overcrowded one. People emigrate all the time these days, there is no need to stay in countries such as the UK and America. Africa could be a place for real opportunity, if people would be prepared to put in the work where it's needed. I just can't understand when there is a beautiful country with opportunities for growth and development why anyone would want to live in some smoggy overcrowded city where many issues if you look closely are not caused by racism but overcrowding, lack of jobs and opportunities which are a breeding ground for resentment.

  10. Guest says

    Your joking I hope

  11. Guest says

    I think that Meghan Markle got her fifteen minutes of fame and should be shelved and never see the light of day again. Her celebrity cost Harry alot but she has him wrapped so he doesnt have a clue. They wanted privacy then they need to stick to it and NOT appear on national tv.

  12. Guest says

    I mean, what did they expect? Timing sucked and Oprah has no room to talk omg.

  13. Guest says

    Hate breeds hate. And to hate on your own family and so very publically isn't the way to stop hatred and solve family arguments. Just remember the writer of this article is just doing their job prompting our views. The author of this article has prompted a reaction based on a couple's actions and statements and the ensuing fallout. If anyone considers the writer of this article sad, the writer can still content themselves this was not anywhere near as horrible or nasty as doing a sensationalized TV interview trashing their family, telling fake tales and with a very sick and hospitalized grandfather. People speak of racism what if Philip had been black would that have prompted people to be more sympathetic of their family trashing? would Oprah have found her interview so juicy then? It doesn't matter what color your family is, you don't go trashing them publically and no genuine friend would encourage it, especially when there is a sick relative involved. I would be calling them out just the same if it had been Meghan's mother in hospital. There is just no excuse for it, and of course all media will have a field day with it, and they have no one to blame but themselves. I am not surprised of the reaction they got, decent people don't like people trash family, especially for attention which the claim they don't want.

  14. Guest says

    She is a total social climber! If a camera is in sight she is staring right at it! She is shameful, poor Harry!

  15. Guest says

    Meghan only became an A lister because of Harry. Does anyone believe someone as smart as she claims to be would not have researched the a royal family before entering into it? And to compare her to Princess Di is an insult to the late Princess

  16. Guest says

    And what family is so perfect there are things that should be kept private. The more powerful the more skeletons does not matter where you come from. Let’s see how happy and proud they will be when their grown children stab them in the back

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