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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Called Out For “Avoiding” William And Kate During UK Visit

 HarryBritish royal family news shows that at least one royal expert is going on the record to denounce Prince Harry’s shock visit to the queen and his father as a damp squib move, made knowing that his rival and brother Prince William would be out of town.
William and Kate Middleton were conveniently out of the UK on Wednesday when Harry and his wife Meghan flew in to have a, “secret face-to-face meeting with Queen Elizabeth,” and Prince Charles.

According to royal author and expert Daniela Elser, Harry pounced when he knew William would not be around.

Royal Family News – Is Harry Savvy?

In a piece she wrote, “If this trip really had been a serious attempt at repairing some of the immense damage done by the events of the last two years then it would have to have included some sort of gesture, however small, in the direction of Kensington Palace.” Instead, William and Kate are on a ski trip to Switzerland with their three children.

Elser added, “Just over a year ago, in early April, it was Kate in peacekeeper mode at Prince Philip’s funeral who deftly maneuvered things to get the two royal brothers talking, all done oh-so-conveniently in full view of the UK’s press corp.”

Royal Family News – Harry Is No Dummy?

She wrote, “What often seems to get lost in the wash these days is that not that long ago, Kate and Harry were friends. Proper giggling-at-the-back-of-the-balcony-scrum-chums.”

“Look at any image of the duo out and about on any sort of engagement and there they are, having what looks like a marvelous time.”

Royal Family News – Did Harry And Kate Once Have Great Times Together?

But those times were B.M., Before Meghan, when Harry was single and appearing happy to tag along with his brother and SIL. After Meghan popped up, Harry defected from the monarchy and has made it his life’s work (does he have a real job?) to trash talk his family. Meghan has gotten in on the act, belittling Kate during a mega ugly Oprah Winfrey tell-all. What changed so drastically? Do the math–pre- 2018 the pictures Elser refers to were in play, after Harry’s wedding, not so much.

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