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Royal Family News: Prince Harry, Meghan, And Andrew Have This In Common, It’s Not Good

Harry, MeghanBritish royal family news shows that the latest UK popularity poll on the royal family is eye-opening and not necessarily in a good way. Who is top of the charts and who is bottom of the barrel? Where did disgraced Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Prince Andrew land after their latest antics?

Andrew paid off a sexual assault accuser in February, Prince Harry refused to attend his grandfather’s memorial in March, and Meghan was accused of mocking the queen this week. Would you be surprised to learn that this trio is not very popular among Brits? The truth is that the latest results from a YouGov poll show that the Three Musketeers have one thing in common so let’s break down the latest data.

Royal Family News – Harry And Meghan Are Not Popular

According to Express UK, Harry and Meghan are no longer as well-liked as they once were. In fact, the two “tanked” in the two years since their exit from the royal family in 2020.

Would you believe that Meghan is almost dead last in the poll? The YouGov popularity poll, shows that Harry is number 11 out of 15, and Meghan takes the honor of being in 14th place—only Prince Andrew is below her. No doubt the fallout from his payoff in a sex abuse scandal has affected his likeability.

Royal Family News – The Queen Is Tops

Not surprisingly, Queen Elizabeth is the most popular royal, and her grandson Prince William is in second place. Her late husband Prince Philip kept his spot as the third most popular royal despite passing away last year at the age of 99. Despite being the queen’s successor, Prince Charles came in at 6th place, under his son and sister Princess Anne.

These are the results of YouGov’s royal popularity poll for the first quarter of 2022:

Queen Elizabeth – 75 percent
Prince William – 66 percent
Prince Philip – 64 percent
Kate, Duchess of Cambridge – 60 percent
Princess Anne – 52 percent
Prince Charles – 50 percent
Sophie, Countess of Wessex – 44 percent
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall – 40 percent
Zara Tindall – 39 percent
Prince Edward – 34 percent
Prince Harry – 32 percent
Princess Beatrice – 31 percent
Princess Eugenie – 30 percent
Meghan Markle – 24 percent
Prince Andrew – 12 percent

Royal Family News – Who Is The Most Popular Royal?

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge came in fourth place with 60 percent of the vote. When William ascends the throne she will be queen consort. The poll reflects the widely held belief that William would be the more favorable candidate to succeed the queen. Both he and Kate have been scandal free unlike Charles, who nonetheless is poised to become king when the time comes.

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