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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Rewriting Memoir To Include “Queen’s Funeral?”

Royal Family News: Prince Harry Rewriting Memoir To Include “Queen's Funeral?”British royal family news reveals that Prince Harry reportedly did not say goodbye to his grandmother before she died because he was busy arguing with his father over his basic cable actress wife Meghan Markle. Now his friends are trying to spin the narrative to say that he was snubbed and “devastated” at the time of the Queen’s funeral.

It’s not like the Markles to let sleeping dogs lay, so there’s every expectation that they will spill their own version of events eventually. And royal expert Jeffrey Archer thinks that the words will come in a new chapter for Harry’s “truthful” memoir that was supposed to be out by now. A day late, dollar short, Markle motto.

Royal Family News – Will Harry Spill The Tea?

Archer thinks that if Harry chooses to drag his family again, it will reduce his royal relationships to rubble.

He said, “I’m very sad. I fear for the book. I know they’re writing the chapter on the funeral, so I suppose that’s what the book will end on.”

The Mail on Sunday reported in September that Harry sought to delay the “accurate” bombshell book, “amid fears that it would be seen as insensitive after the Queen’s death.”

Royal Family News – Is Harry Insensitive?

Apparently Harry was gobsmacked at the public’s response to the queen’s death, the figurehead of everything he spoke about with a forked tongue.

As such he is said to be “desperate” to make changes that tone down his fiery rhetoric. Sad.

In contrast, publisher Penguin Random House: “paid him a lot of money — something like £20 million. You want to calm it down if you’re paid £20 million?”

According to the outlet, a Penguin Random House spokesman declined to comment, and Harry refuses to communicate with them, “popular Press.”

Royal Family News – Harry Dislike The Popular Press?

Archer said this about the Markle’s current lifestyle: “I always say, rather cruelly, I could survive in California for about a week. It’s not a state that I’d want to stay in — it’s one temperature and they’re all wanting to be celebrities. And [Meghan] is now a big celebrity. How it will end? I have no idea. She’s a very, very clever woman.”

On another note, it’s been widely reported that the Markles want to move on up to Hope Ranch, and the locals are saying NIMBY. Is this the flavor of a taste of one’s own medicine?

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