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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Thunders Over Meghan’s Idiotic Ellen Appearance

Harry And MeghanBritish royal family news shows that Prince Harry of Montecito has been a busy boy lately. He’s kept the private jet engines humming with trips to Colorado for polo and to NYC for flashy photo ops. Does he have a chicken nanny, just wondering?

In between polluting the environment with his chem trails and hot air he fancies himself an eco warrior. His father Prince Charles is the OG when it comes to the saving the planet and perhaps this is why aArry fights so hard to get out from under his shadow?

Robert Jobson Is A Royal Expert

Royal expert Robert Jobson analyzed one of Prince Harry’s speech’s and found it to be splashier than staid Charles’. Did Harry try to one up his father Prince Charles in a tirade about media manipulation? Jobson thinks so and said as much in an interview with the Sunday Express.

According to the longtime royal watcher, Prince Harry recently blew his father Prince Charles out of the spotlight with his, “angered speech about media manipulation regarding the coverage awarded to Meghan Markle over the years,” as reported by Geo TV .

Royal Family News – Prince Charles Is A Real Eco Warrior

Robson claimed, “When you’re on a trip, say with the Prince of Wales in the Middle East, and all of your negotiations for a week to get the chat with the Prince of Wales … all goes out the window because Harry releases this big statement about the press, and about their treatment of Meghan, was outrageous.”

He is referring to the Harry and Meghan Effect, a manmade phenomenon in which two people can say and do the most stupid things and that knocks COVID, climate change, and Madonna’s bottom, out of the headlines.

Royal Family News – Harry And Meghan Live In California

The latest flashy headline about Meghan came gift wrapped courtesy of Ellen. This month she had Princess Pinocchio on the show and made her do and say things that got her more cancelled than the talk mistress herself. Is there any way Megs can come back from sucking on a baby bottle, squatting down in the street and begging street vendors to give “mommy” more hot? I think not. Thank you Ellen, for the early Christmas present.

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