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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Warned To Leave Kate Middleton Alone In Tell-All Memoir

Prince Harry British royal family news shows that Prince Harry is living his best life, to hear him tell it, snubbing his UK family in favor of his real family, his kids, and wife Meghan Markle. That’s what he told a reporter this week when asked about his brother and father, Princes William and Charles. Instead of answering whether or not he missed them, the snarky brat ignored the question and said he lives in the US now and is focused on HIS family.

Obviously, Harry is not eager to mend the fence he mowed down with Megxit, the ugly and awful desertion of the monarchy for a life of “financial freedom.” He has a memoir coming out in the fall and royal experts fear that his written words will be just as tart and nasty as his barbed tongue.

Royal Family News – Don’t Trash Kate, Harry

One royal expert has a word of caution for the former naked pool boy if he’s willing to listen to reason. Royal author Duncan Larcombe thinks it would be a big mistake if Harry railed against Kate Middleton in his memoir. He thinks that Kate represents Harry’s, “very last chance,” at making peace with his brother.

He told Closer magazine, “Leaving Kate from the memoir is a sign that she could be Harry’s last hope of healing the family rift. This will show that Kate is just a bridge that Harry won’t burn.”

He added, “It would be very sad if Harry were to turn on the person who not that long ago he described as ‘the sister he never had’. He and Kate had a deep bond.”

Royal Family News – Will Harry Drag Kate?

Yes, it would be sad if Harry turned on Kate—but not surprising. Harry and Meghan have conducted themselves with malice toward his family for the last two years. Meghan even used a bullying name to describe her during their infamous tell-all with Oprah Winfrey. There is nothing to suggest that Harry won’t drag his SIL. He has dragged everyone else, why not bat a thousand?

Royal Family News – Kate Will Be Queen

According to Larcombe, “Kate is also nurturing and she and William had children before Prince Harry so ‘Uncle Harry’ was very much part of the family in those early years. There was absolutely nothing to suggest there were any underlying resentments or difficulties.”

“William and Harry didn’t agree on everything but in Kate, Harry had someone who he could really open his heart to, share dilemmas with and ask for advice.” Will he bulldoze one of his last royal connections? Time will tell.

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