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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Was Acting ‘Very Different’ Without Meghan Hanging Off Of Him

British royal family news divulges that people are noticing how different Prince Harry is acting away from his former basic cable actress wife Meghan Markle.

He is at the Invictus Games in Dusseldorf this week, watching the event from the Grandstand at the Merkur Spiel-Arena. Meghan chose not go accompany her husband, further fanning the flames of divorce gossip.

His behavior is catching attention, with some claiming that he looks like his old, pre-marriage self. Let’s unpack what this speculation is all about, and see if you agree royal fans.

Royal Family News: Is Harry Carefree Without Meghan?

Judi James is a body language expert and she told FEMAIL that Harry appears to be deprived of company after being left to his own devices.

Royal Family News: Prince Harry Was Acting 'Very Different' Without Meghan Hanging Off Of Him

She stated “The key take-away message from Harry’s body language in these photos is how much he seems to crave and need company.”

She added “The contrast between his more solitary poses as he watches the sports and how much he comes alive when he has someone to chat and laugh with is acute.” At least someone is paying attention to Harry’s needs.

Royal Family News: Harry’s Needs

Harry sat next to Yulia Laputina, Ukraine’s Minister of Veterans Affairs, as the athletes competed in a 200 meter race.

Harry the Duke of Sussex became animated, cheering along with the crowd. Later in the day he was due to attend the final of the wheelchair rugby event.

Judi described Harry’s prior behavior as almost shy “his hands are held up in a polite clapping signal.” But the moment he was able to be around others “to bounce off in terms of body language though, he becomes very naturally animated and playful like the Harry of old, bending forward to grin or perform a wince of mock agony with the guys in front or leaning to whisper in the ear of the woman sitting next to him.”

Her conclusion about this stark behavioral clash is that Harry is missing Meghan.

Royal Family News: Is Harry Back to His Old Self?

But while Harry may be eager to return to his buffoonish ways, not everyone will forget the cruel things he has said about his family in a bid to bring down the monarchy.

Harry may be forging a Meghan-free life, but the stench of their mutual trashing of their families and loved ones lingers.

Tell us royal fans, are you ready to forgive and forget the past three years of Harry’s pompous preening at the expense of the royal family? Are you able to cut him slack for monetizing his family’s pain? Let us know what you think!

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  1. Esther Riley says

    I hope Harry can make up with his family and get rid of the albatross on his back. Family is the greatest thing any one can have.

  2. C says

    Family is #1, going against them in any fashion to make money for yourself is deplorable and unforgivable.

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