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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Whines About His “Broken Home,” Feeling Different

British royal family news shows that Dirty Harry has reached a new low in self-pity wallowing, just when one thought he had reached the nadir via Penis-gate.

Nope, today in an interview with a man many see as nothing less than despicable, Harry has shown that the pity party is just getting started. And he doesn’t care who he invites, as long as they entertain his childish fantasies.

Harry engaged in a cheap date with Gabor Maté in a £17-per-ticket livestream event that probably ended up costing him as it included a free copy of his memoir, Spare. So this is what it’s come to—Harry paying to air his grievances.

During the 90 minute interview with controversial ‘toxic trauma’ expert Gabor Maté Harry repeated what he said in Spare including his drug use and his Afghanistan kills.

Royal Family News: Wah-Wah Harry Whines About His “Broken Home,” Feeling Different

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Whines

Poor Harry growing up rich, famous and fabulous, nonetheless felt: “slightly different to the rest of my family. I felt strange being in this container, and I know that my mum felt the same so it makes sense to me.”

And just like that, Dr. Maté “publicly diagnosed (Harry) with attention deficit disorder (ADD).”

Royal Family News- Karma Is A Beotch

Harry also tore down his father who raised him as a single parent after the death of his mother Diana. According to him, he rains down affection on his two kids, Archie and Lilibet, “something he doesn’t believe he received from his father, King Charles.” Can you wait 20 years for these kids to deliver the same gut punches to Harry that he has delivered to Charles? Because karma is beotch.

Harry also nattered on with parental advice, saying that parents must not argue in front of children, then spilled how he and wife Meghan are perfect: “luckily my wife and I don’t have those. The idea of having those in front of the kids? I assume that my parents probably had a lot of those [rows] in front of me, maybe that’s where it comes from… that’s not a good idea.”

Royal Family News – Harry And His Ideas

And yet, after Maté described how critics accuse Harry of drowning in his own victimhood, the clown prince replied: “I definitely don’t see myself as a victim.” Now it’s your turn royal fans, we want to hear how YOU view Dirty Harry’s latest cry baby episode!

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