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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Would Definitely Get Booed At Buckingham Balcony!

Royal Family News: Prince Harry Would Definitely Get Booed At Buckingham Balcony!British Royal news reveals according to a new poll, Prince Harry would “definitely get booed” if he was present on the Buckingham Palace balcony at Trooping the Colour.

A recent poll of Express UK readers revealed that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle would likely get booed if they were present on the Buckingham Palace balcony at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations next month.

Royal Family News – Sussexes Determined That Their Little Ones Meet Queen Elizabeth

This comes just under two weeks after Buckingham Palace announced that only working royals would accompany the Queen on the palace balcony. Harry and Meghan will, of course, not be present as they stepped down as working royals two years ago in 2020.

However, the Sussexes are still due to visit during the celebrations as Harry is determined that his children, Archie, three, and 10-month-old Lilibet, come to know their great-grandmother the Queen. The spokesperson for the royal couple said that they are “excited and honored to attend the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.”

Royal Family News – Columnist Claims Harry And Company Would Booed

Unfortunately, according to Daily Express Columnist Carole Malone, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would be “booed” should they appear on the balcony. On May 7 Malone wrote, “Of course, Meghan and Harry will hate the fact they’ve been lumped into the Bad Royals Box with Prince Andrew.”

She added that as “comparisons will be made” that Andrew, as well as Harry and Meghan, have all disgraced the Monarchy and “trashed its reputation and hurt people who did nothing to deserve it.” The royal expert continued by saying that it was “good” that the Sussexes wouldn’t be on the balcony as it would probably be the first time that a royal has ever been booed by the crowds.

Royal Family News – Poll Confirms Malone’s Suspicions

Of course, the columnist may be slightly mistaken in that Prince William was booed just last Saturday, May 14 by football fans during the FA Cup final between Liverpool and Chelsea at Wembley Stadium. In response to Malone’s suggestive comments, Express UK ran a poll asking their readership whether they thought the Sussexes would be booed on the balcony.

With 40,645 readers voting, the lion’s share of those voting, 87 percent, said “yes” they would boo the duke and duchess if they appeared on the palace balcony.4,822 people voted “no” they wouldn’t boo and 593 people said they were undecided. Be sure and stay up to date on all Royal Family News and return here often for more spoilers, news, and updates.

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