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Royal Family News: Prince Harry’s Handpicks Two Privileged Males Just Like Him For Spare Interviews

British royal family news shows that Harry chose just two special people to interview him about his memoir, Spare. Both are fan boys (big surprise) with rare connections to royalty—how is this fair and equitable, two concepts the Markles love to natter on about? Here we break down why Harry’s chosen elite tv personalities are far from unbiased toward His Highness and his book.

As the Daily Mail notes, “the Duke of Sussex would have enjoyed his pick of the world’s most high-profile broadcast journalists, making his choice a particularly revealing one.” So what else do you need to know about the two men in charge of presenting Harry to the world? Keep reading to find out.

Royal Family News – Harry Is Elite

Harry did not pick out two stellar journalists to interview him about his tripey tell-all—he picked out two males with privileged backgrounds similar to his own—expect a softball exhibition when the Duke sits down to bare his sold-to-the-highest-bidder soul prior to the drop of Spare on January 10.

The fortunate friends of Harry’s are ITV News anchor Tom Bradby and CBS News’ 60 Minutes host Anderson Cooper. The former is a private chool educated son of a Royal Navy officer and friend of the royal family, the other is part of the Vanderbilt family who helped build America.

Royal Family News: Harry's Shameless Favoritism: Handpicks Two Privileged Males Just Like Him For Spare Interviews

Royal Family News – Harry’s Interesting Choice

Bradby is a, “firm friend of Prince Harry,” who snagged an invite to sit among George and Amal Clooney and Oprah Winfrey at his 2018 wedding to Meghan Markle. Cooper has snagged interviews with Barack Obama and Emmanuel Macron. And now, Hollyweird Harry.

Royal Family News – Harry Does What He Wants

Bradby and Cooper, son of railway heiress Gloria Vanderbilt, are men of a certain age (55), the latter sent to the £20,000-a-year Westbourne House School and the £42,000 a year Sherborne School. Similarly, Cooper was born in Manhattan and attended Dalton School, a prestigious (£48,000) Manhattan school.

Cooper’s family included Cornelius Vanderbilt who today would be worth over $200 billion (£166bn).

Bradby is a friend of the Sussexes, the man who infamously asked Meghan how SHE was doing while on aroyal a tour of impoverished Africa. Perhaps most revealing, Bradby stated his relationship with Prince William, “has suffered amid the fallout from Megxit,” despite once being so close he attended William and Kate’s wedding.

Royal Family News – Harry’s Friends Interview Him

As for Cooper, his credibility credentials also merit a check after openly admitting to fanboying over Harry while COVERING his wedding to Meghan in 2018. Anderson gushed, “I was at the Royal Wedding … for CNN … I start waving. Harry looks up … we make eye contact and he waves. I almost died.” So has journalistic integrity.

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