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Royal Family News: Prince Harry’s Memoir Has William “Raging”

Royal Family News: Harry’s Memoir Has William “Raging” More Nasty Laundry Coming To Blow Apart The Monarchy?British royal family news shows that Prince Harry has promised to deliver a “wholly truthful” memoir about his short life, by fall 2022. That raises so many questions. He has been unwholly honest up to this point? Will he talk about being the only royal sent to sensitivity training for mocking another nationality? How about his ludicrous Vegas party days as a naked pool boy—he will explore that embarrassment, too?

Royal Family News – Will Harry be Wholly Truthful?

Prince Harry crashed his way out of the palace in 2020 and declared he would change the world for the better, shaped in his own visage presumably. The only thing he has done consistently and with passion is play the rich man’s game of polo. That’s it.

He has promised many things, like his memoir, and delivered on none. That hasn’t stopped psychic Deborah Davies from talking about the bombshell book. According to her, Harry’s thus-far nonexistent tome is, “causing a legal wrangle within the royal family.”

Royal Family News – Will Harry Ever Do Anything?

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle rejected his family–the royal family–in 2020 in a sketchy move known as Megxit. They camped out in other people’s mansions before buying their own and have failed to do any of the lofty things they said they would since relocating to the US.

Then Harry the Duke of Sussex announced that he is writing a memoir, “not as the prince he was born, but as the man he is today.”

About this, psychic Deborah Davies told The Daily Star, “I think there’s a legal wrangle taking place regarding Hapless Harry’s book that’s due out later this year.”

Royal Family News – Hapless Harry Is At It Again

She went on to explain, “I think that William has asked to see the content and has been refused and that’s why William didn’t go to Frogmore to celebrate Lilibet’s birthday… I see William as being incandescent with rage towards Harry.”

Of course this is Davies’ opinion, but one that has been speculated on by many. The psychic’s comments come after it was reported that Prince William and Kate Middleton snubbed Harry and Meghan when they visited the UK for the Queen’s Jubilee earlier this month.

Will the brothers engage in angry tit for tats for the rest of their lives, or until Harry succeeds in blowing up the institution that labeled him the spare and William the heir?

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