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Royal Family News: Prince Harry’s “Secret” US Passion Revealed

 Prince HarryBritish royal family news shows that some royal watchers think they are on to Prince Harry’s latest passion and it has nothing to do with his professed love of humanitarianism, social media cleansing or epidemiological ranting. This hidden interest has to do with something distinctly American and it was outed last weekend when he was spotted at the Super Bowl with his cousin Eugenie.

Is Prince Harry A Football Fan?

Royally US presenters Christine Ross and Christina Garibaldi chatted up the surprise appearance of Brit Prince Harry at the Super Bowl. They said they were unaware that the man formerly known as Prince, Harry, had any interest in the American game. Truth be told his interest was probably in publicity seeking. He was pictured later hugging Mickey Guyton and for some reason he was in the Rams’ locker room, totally ignored by the players.

Meanwhile Ross said that while the NFL has some fans in the UK, the sport pales in comparison to English football or rugby. For her part Garibaldi said it was “nice to see” Prince Harry still had a close relationship with Eugenie who apparently flew in from London without her husband or infant son.

Why Was Prince Harry At The Super Bowl

Garibaldi then analyzed Harry’s Super Bowl appearance saying, “Prince Harry made a surprise appearance at the 2022 Super Bowl in Los Angeles with his cousin…I mean, I think we’re pretty surprised to see Harry at the big game?”

To which Ross replied: “I was really surprised… the NFL has kind of a big following in the UK, I mean obviously not as big as like football or rugby. But even my husband who’s British is a big football fan, American football fan.”

“So I love that I think Harry’s kind of a secret… I bet he’s getting into it. You know, there’s a big game they watch at their house.”

Why Is Princess Eugenie Alone?

She added, “I loved seeing Eugenie with Harry, really kind of showing that he’s still in touch with his family that he still has these close relationships with his cousins. And of all the people you that you saw photos of at the Super Bowl that was not what I was expecting.”

The cousins were in a luxury box and the NFL UK Twitter account shared the picture on their account, writing with the caption, “Prince Harry and Princess Eugenie in the house at #SBLVI.”

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