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Royal Family News: Prince William And Prince Harry’s Body Language Dissected By Experts

Prince William And Prince Harry’British royal family news reveals that the meet up between Princes William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex today was staid and non-alarming, something along the ‘nothing to see here’ vein. Yet professionals found plenty to talk about, from their body language to one lip reader claiming to have deciphered their unheard words.

The event was the unveiling of the Princess Diana statue on what would have been her 60th birthday today in Kensington Gardens.

According to body language experts, the princes spoke volumes with their nonverbal communication.

Royal Family News -Diana’s Statue Was Unveiled Today

Body language expert Robin Kermode told the Daily Mail that future king Prince William was, “reminiscent of his grandfather Prince Philip,” taking on a, “strong, confident, statesmanlike role.”

What about Hollywood Harry? According to the expert, Harry’s wild gesticulations gave him away as, “less comfortable than he was trying to appear.” There are several pictures of Harry fiddling with his wedding ring, whatever that means.

Royal Family News – Prince Harry Was Gesticulating Like Crazy

Robin said the brothers appeared in sync when they arrived, “They walking at the same pace, mirroring outer arm, hand and body movements. But William seems more aware of the cameras than Harry.”

“William … looking very much the older brother here. His body language is more formal than Harry’s accentuated by his buttoned up jacket. Overall he seems more aware of the importance visually of this meeting.”

He added, “Harry looking more relaxed, almost carefree here, well there is still some tension in his right hand playing with the jacket button.”

Royal Family News – Princes William And Harry Reunited Today

Later the siblings met with the Spencer side of their family, Diana’s brother and two sisters. While they talked, Prince Harry was “more flamboyant … Once again Harry is using his arm as a demonstrator. His body language is more flamboyant today then William’s who is keeping his arms centered around navel height – traditionally the pose of a leader or a man of status.”

Conversely, the body language expert noted that, “Harry’s hand again is higher than navel height, giving him a higher center of gravity suggesting he might not be as comfortable as he is trying to appear.”

Additionally the Fresh Prince of Montecito appeared, “to be struggling showing tension in his lip corners, jaw and eye brows. We can only imagine the mixed emotions both brothers must be feeling here.”

A second body language expert, Darren Staunton, said that, “Although it was clearly a very powerful and emotional event for both Prince William and Harry I think it’s very obvious especially as a body language expert that the two brothers still have a very, very strong bond between each other.

“From the eye contact and non-verbal communication that was visible between the two it was clear they were sharing a very powerful connection and I believe no matter what the situation between the two they will undoubtedly remain supportive of each other despite the past disagreements.”

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  1. Guest says

    I do not like that Statue. It looks nothing like Diana and what's with the kid lingering behind her about?
    No. I was (slightly) disappointed in it.
    Although it was wonderful to see her Sisters at the Event.
    Henry the Zero and Charles Spencer would have been smart to stay far away from the unveiling. My opinion.

  2. Guest says

    Right, why is the third child hidden?

  3. Guest says

    They may as well have skipped the "public" ceremony, there was no one but family there.

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