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Royal Family News: Prince William Plans To “Half Charles’s Staff” In Desperate Bid To Make Monarchy Relevant

Prince WilliamBritish royal family news divulges that after the horrible optics of Prince Andrew as the queen’s escort for Philip’s memorial last week, news emerges that, “Prince William will focus on ‘five or six core charity subjects’ when he becomes Prince of Wales,” according to The Mail on Sunday.

The scheme’s working title is ‘The Cambridge Way’, and aides concede that the heir will be closer in leadership style to Philip his grandfather than Charles his father.

Prince Williams Wants An Overhaul

The outlet reveals that William is looking to introduce a plan of, “urgency plus optimism equals action.” As such William is said to be done with, “hand-wringing over life’s problems,” and will focus on, “hope and solutions.”

Prince William and Kate’s long-term strategy will reportedly include several novel and modern initiatives. Chief among them is a prioritizing of core issues such as mental health, the environment and children’s early years. They are said to want to adopt a, “hope and solutions,” mantra-like that of former US President Barack Obama. Hopefully no one will ask how their, “hopey, changey thing,” is working out for them.

Prince William wants to be seen in public as, “credible and comfortable,” and aims to let Kate make more solo overseas trips.

Prince Williams Wants The Buck To Stop With Him

Prince William is said to want to decrease staged events in favor of more casual meet-and-greets as well as decrease his number of charities but play increased roles within those left.

All of these ideas are the opposite of what the current Prince of Wales is doing. William’s father Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, might be miffed at these changes? Perhaps take them personally? A source close to William stated that is not the case: “This approach isn’t a criticism of what has come before but just an acknowledgment of a desire for change.”

Prince William Does Not Want To Reinvent The Wheel

They added, “It’s about hope and optimism for the future. What is driving the Duke and Duchess in everything they do is urgency plus optimism equals action. Many of the causes adopted by the Duke and Duchess, whether it’s Earthshot [the annual prize awarded by the Royal Foundation for contributions to environmentalism] or the early years work, also touches on every other aspect of society so it’s not that they’re excluding other good causes by having a focus.” So far William’s agenda sounds positive and solid, it’s in the implementation phase that the proof of the pudding lays.

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