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Royal Family News: Queen Elizabeth Died Because The Sussexes Stressed Her Out?

We guess old age had nothing to do with it? British Royal family News says that there’s a new report that suggests Queen Elizabeth died because she was so stressed out about all of the drama surrounding Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and their feud with the royal family. And yes, it’s the Daily Mail that is making this up. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News – The Daily Mail Claims That Queen Elizabeth Died Because The Sussexes Stressed Her Out

According to the publication, a well-placed source says that while Queen Elizabeth’s health was already in decline for some time, all the controversy surrounding Megxit sure didn’t help things for her. The insider put it this way, “It really affected the Queen’s health. It had a detrimental effect on her health. Yes she was elderly and there were other issues with that but nevertheless all the Harry and Meghan claims certainly contributed to that. I’m just so glad the Queen isn’t around to hear all about this latest programme. It is the very opposite to duty, unity and sacrifice – everything that she was brought up to believe in and which she embodied.”

Meanwhile, a separate report suggests that the royal family has been left “baffled” over Harry and Meghan’s request for an apology. During the Netflix documentary Harry and Meghan, the Duke of Sussex says that he’s fine with the notion that he may never hear from his family members ever again, let alone get an apology from them. He said, “I’ve had to make peace with the fact that we’re probably never going to get genuine accountability or a genuine apology. My wife and I, we’re moving on. We’re focused on what’s coming next.”

Royal Family News: Sources Suggest That Queen Elizabeth Died Because The Sussexes Stressed Her Out

“Everything that’s happened to us, was always going to happen to us,” he added. “Because if you speak truth to power, that’s how they respond.”

Royal Family News – Has The Mail Gone Too Far This Time Around?

But whether or not that apology will happen, remains to be seen. Royal correspondent Katie Nicholl now tells OK! Magazine, “What needs to happen is an admission that there have been faults on both sides and once there has been that admission, that may pave the way for a reconciliation. But Charles knows that a monarchy divided is not a monarchy the world wants to see.”

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