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Royal Family News: Queen Looks Fragile, Ready To Abdicate After A Gut-Wrenching Year?

Royal Family News: Queen Looks Fragile, Ready To Abdicate After A Gut-Wrenching Year?British royal family news reveals that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has been through an epoch of epic proportions the last few months. She lost her husband, lived through COVID-19, and has been her grandson Prince Harry’s favorite whack-a-mole.

She also turned 95-years old this year, and she is the world’s longest-reigning monarch. Now comes word that some royal experts are questioning her health based on recent photos.

Queen Elizabeth Has Been Through A Lot

The pictures in question show the queen in the gardens of Windsor Castle. On that particular day, she was gifted with a rose which was named in honor of her late husband Prince Philip. That day he would have turned 100-years old; he died in April. Is it any wonder she might have looked less than perfect?

In fact, the Queen looked remarkable given the circumstance. She was immaculate in a blue floral dress and a sweater on what was a very hot day in the UK.

Keith Weed is the President of the Royal Horticultural Society, of which she is a patron, and he presented her with a pink rose.

The Duke Of Edinburgh Passed Away In April

Pod Save the Queen’s Ann Gripper and features Daily Mirror royal editor Russell Myers commented on her appearance that day.

Gripper said, “It was interesting seeing her actually because the last ‘out and about’ pictures I’d seen her in, I was commenting about how she looked like she was dressed for Christmas in that thick red coat and all wintery. I think she looked much frailer in these pictures actually.”

“Partly because it’s summer clothing and it’s all about lighter and a bit thinner and smaller, but she looked more fragile I felt.”

Royal Family News: Is The Queen Getting Fragile?

She added, “Let’s face it, she is 95 ‒ she does very well, but we do have that interest of, how is she getting on, is she alright?

For his part, Myers thought that the queen looked “lovely” especially given her age and the circumstance.
Gripper then said, “To be fair, if I make it to 95 at all, I’ll be very happy, and if I’m doing as well as the Queen… just from a basic health and living and looking point of view ‒ I’m not expecting to have the palaces and the titles!”

Despite the words of alarm, the queen is performing her duties with aplomb and alacrity. Last week she met world leaders at the G7 in Cornwall and had a private meeting with US President Joe Biden who described her as, “extremely gracious, which is not surprising. She reminded me of my mother, in terms of the look of her and just the generosity.”

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  1. Sally288 says

    Yes I noticed how frail she was looking..very very pale and tired…she has lost her love of 72 yrs and all the problems H and M have caused has added to this as they could do what they did when his grandfather was dying is somthing that I can never understand, nor will it be forgivable…I don’t think it will for yrs to come if then…and Winfrey…she was an added bruise to the Queen I am sure…young people don’t understand the loyalty she has had to England. She is the epitome of decorum, grace and knows what being queen has meant all these yrs…she didn’t ask for the job but she accepted it and did what only a Queen a dedicated Queen would do not for herself but with the world…. she hopefully will be here yet for all of us..God bless her… she has known what obligation has meant and has done it proudly..God bless her and may she continue on for a long time..A good kind woman

  2. Guest says

    Beautifully said….and I agree with you entirely! I pray that Her Majesty will regain her strength, and good health and that She will be happy and content, and also that She will know how much we love her, care about her, and appreciate her. Her Majesty is a remarkable woman.

  3. Guest says

    Ithink The Queen looks strong and healthy

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