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Royal Family News: Queen, Prince Charles And Prince William Had Crisis Talks After Oprah Interview

 The QueenBritish royal family news reveals that the UK royal family must be shell shocked confronting the depth and breadth of accusations Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Megan Markle laid at their feet in last night’s Oprah interview.

For starters they accused an unnamed Royal Family member of racism, saying they were asked “how dark”’ their baby would be. They said racism pushed them out of Britain, and accused the Palace doing nothing to help “suicidal” Meghan.

Royal Family News – Harry Was Snubbed By The Queen?

Harry further revealed an astonishing estrangement with his father and whined that his family cut him off financially. Shouldn’t as a middle aged man with a family of his own, Harry be able to support them, not depend on his dad to give him an allowance. Things must be differntin the UK then?

He also intimated that the Queen snubbed him over a meeting scheduled at Sandringham but in fact it sounds like her busy schedule simply had a change in plan.

But then the accusations switched over to Meghan’s perception of the family—does she still call them family?
Meghan came out with both barrels blazing at poor sister-in-law Kate, accusing her right out of the gate of making her cry once.

It says volumes that Meghan hung on to her anger for years about this isolated incident and then choose to call Kate out on a national stage.

It was also claimed that senior royals conspired to keep Archie from having a title or adequate security, plus, they asserted that officials did not to stand up for the couple against ‘racist’ commentary, but lied to protect other royals.

Royal Family News – Why Didn’t The Markles Talk Sooner?

A senior Government minister, Lord [Zac] Goldsmith, spoke for many in royal circles yesterday when asked his opinion that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had, “loaded up a plane and dropped bomb after heavy bomb on Buckingham Palace.”

His response? He tweeted: “Not ‘Buckingham Palace’ – Harry’s family. Harry is blowing up his family.”

It is understood that a statement has been prepared by Buckingham Palace highlighting the Royal Family’s love for the couple, in an attempt to avoid tensions mounting even further—but will it work with two obviously willful and vengeful individuals?

Additionally, doubts emerged over Meghan’s claim that the couple had been ‘married’ secretly three days before their lavish Windsor Castle wedding, with one top level reverend demanding proof.

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  1. Guest says

    The Queen needs to wash her hand’s of these two now.

  2. Guest says

    Meghan put on a very actress like appearance and Harry displayed his lack of family love for the "Firm". They seem to be spoiled, angry folks who think that the Firm should bow to their every whim. Pathetic. You know–I wondered what color my children's eyes would be..Meghan may be reacting to a comment that was not meant to hurt but a question of future appearance. It may not have been racial at all–but it sure was presented that way. I wasted two hours listening to them complain over things that should have remained private.

  3. Jezz says

    What decent people think a pandemic, killing millions, millions sick, people suffering from isolation, frightened about lack of work and worries of earning enough money to pay bills and afford food etc is a an appropriate time to make the world worry about their rich and privileged problematic life? Whilst I sympathize with Megan's mental health problems, but she has the money to afford the best possible healthcare. Most people have to be prescribed antidepressants and have done with it, because health services are so overstretched. And some people don't even have that option in some countries. I am shocked that two people can be so selfish to be so self-absorbed at a time like this.

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