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Royal Family News: Shhh Don’t Tell Prince Harry, Prince William To Have “Greater Role” At Charles’ Coronation

British royal family news reveals that the Coronation of King Charles III takes place May 8 and already there is controversy surrounding the event. Against this backdrop it’s been reported that Charles’ heir and eldest son, William will play a significant role in the coronation.

Royal expert George Gross told that because of William’s role in the hierarchy it is to be expected that he have a role created just for him. To which the rest of the world responds, “Harry who?”

Royal Family News – William Is The Heir

He told the outlet, “I suspect he’ll be more prominent [than other working members of the Royal Family] but there isn’t a set role for the Prince of Wales because there wasn’t always a Prince of Wales at the time of the Coronation.”

He went on to say that, “Going back far enough in history, there have been monarchs that weren’t even married at the time of their Coronation. So, it’s not a written-in role, but I am sure he will have a prominent place.”

Royal Family News: Shhh Don’t Tell Prince Harry, Prince William To Have “Greater Role” At Charles’ Coronation

Royal Family News – Harry’s Penis-Gate

And that will probably chafe the other part of Harry’s netherworld that hasn’t been frostbit. It’s not even certain that Harry will get an invite to the coronation given the way he and wife Meghan Markle have trashed the monarchy in the last three years since Megxit.

In contrast, Gross explained that William’s prominence will, “likely revolve around William’s role during the procession and in where he will sit.”

He added, “And they have flexibility, they could write something in to give him a greater role, but it’s not necessary there in the service.”

Royal Family News – Will Harry Be At The Coronation?

At the queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June, Harry and Meghan were invited and did attend. But their placement at the various events was in the cheap seats and in the peanut gallery. It’s been reported that the Sussex’s are demanding good seats if they go to the coronation. All of this is speculation, and at one point it was said that Charles wanted Archbishop Welby to mediate a peace forum for the family prior to the May event. Tell us your thoughts royal fans, should Harry and Meghan be at Charles’ coronation?

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  1. K. DONOVAN says

    Absolutely NOT…..They have nothing good Kto say about the family so don’t invite them…Also strip thier titles!!!!

  2. Denise Johnson says

    I personally think Meghan and Harry should be left the hell alone let them live the way they choose.the monarchy sees no wrong in the way they were treated while they lived there.i believe every word they say about what happened with them.i don’t blame Harry for taking his family out of a toxic environment.his father should respect him.afterall. He cheated on his mother withh the one who Diana called the rottweiler Diana said .she helped break up his I applaud Harry and Meghan’s decision to leave for the betterment of their family.we love them over here in the states.its not a downgrade but an upgrade.their family deserves to be raised with love that’s real no fakeness.the Queen mother accepted it I believe and loved him still his unkind brother should ask him forgive me immature.i love Harry and Meghan’s and they our are still duchess and duke.that needs to be respected as such.harry grew up there.its still his birthright..evilness should never have taken that heritage away .just bec

  3. Ann says

    No ,neither Harry nor Meghan should be in attendance. They should have they royal class striped from them as well .

    1. ShanLee says

      Royal class… that an oxymoron?

  4. Deborah says

    Harry, Megan & Andrew will make great seat partners..

  5. D Lee Wallech says

    Harry and Meghan stepped down from their royal duties. Therefore, why would they expect royal treatment especially after trashing the royals for three years. No where does it say they should be included in anything. They say they are owed any apology from all the other members of the family. However, they are the ones that owe everyone else an apology and more. They want their cake and eat it too. They want publicity when they want it to make money. They don’t want it when they want their privacy. They are very juvenile to say the least. They need to take counseling separately. They both need counseling as neither one know what they want and when they want it. Harry’s book contains information that is TMI. Who cares about with whom and when he lost his virginity. Who cares about his frostbite and where on his body it happened. That is just so juvenile. Meghan has told so many lies. Her half sister is going to take her to court and that is going to happen so we will see how many lies and the payment of damages amount. Meghan forgets she is not an actress just playing in a weekly show and learning her lines that are just part of a show. This is real life and the chips will fall where they may. It is sad that they are parents of two children who don’t have a clue the drama they are part of and how they will learn about all the past as they get older. They thought the firm would be licking their wounds. They are going about life without them. They don’t have anything to apologize for. Harry and Meghan made their bed and so be it.

  6. noellastober says

    Harry and Meghan should be invited to the coronation with conditions. First and foremost there will be nothing, absolutely nothing either said or done to cause any upheaval at the entire festivities. No bad talking whatsoever from anyone in the royal family. In other word, Meghan and Harry keep your mouths shut if cannot be nice and proper. Any actions otherwise will not be tolerated and they would have to leave the pageantry immediately. Second, all ill feelings towards anyone in royal family should be held at bay. Pleasantries only are to be shown. It is a special day for the King and it is his day and that should be remembered. No discussions of ill will of the past shall be shown. If the Queen were still alive, no bs would take place. She had enough for family and country which should be maintained always. No apologies are to be extended to Harry and Meghan for this affair. If H&M cannot deal with this, they should not be invited and these reasons should become stated to the family, friends, people of the world so nothing can be confused or distorted before, during and most especially after all has taken place. H&M will have nothing bad to say of anyone. If Andrew is not invited especially because of bad attitude, stress on the family, etc. that is between him and his brother (The King).

    Keep this joyous occasion joyous It is the King’s day to shine Remember family members, you reap what you sow. If you choose to make promises you cannot keep there will be hell to pay from everyone in the world

  7. ShanLee says

    I am quite sure H and M don’t care that William has a bigger role since that is the way it has always been. Just another attempt by the Rags to stir up drama and makeup rubbish to get people going, hate sells after all. I hope they do NOT attend the coronation. Charles has about as much right to be “KING” as Camilla has to be “QUEEN”. They are not decent, honest, loyal human beings. They are sleazy and arrogant and adulterers. and infra dig. I really hope H and M do NOT attend. For their own good.

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