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Royal Family News: The Queen Reportedly Finds Prince Harry And Meghan DEPLORABLE

The Queen British royal family news reveals that Queen Elizabeth may be wishing that her grandson Prince Harry , Duke of Sussex would stop already with his constant whining and verbal destruction of his family. Harry has made no secret of how dimly he views his clan, from the top on down. This has got to be wearing on the doting 95-year old grandma who also happens to be the world’s longest-reigning monarch. At least that is how one royal expert sees it.

Will Prince Harry Ever Stop Talking?

Richard Fitzwilliams told The Daily Star that all of the dirty laundry and disgruntlement coming from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been, “very, very damaging,” to the monarchy and the royals cannot be certain Harry will stop with the trash talking.

In the documentary The Me You Can’t See, co-produced by Harry and Oprah Winfrey, Harry throws his family under the bus accusing them of “total neglect” despite the fact he was sheltered well into adulthood, with a lavish lifestyle he didn’t spend a penny of his own on.

In March Harry and his wife Meghan Markle spent 90 minutes clacking about the same topics, again to Oprah who is no doubt loving the ratings provided by her newfound golden geese.

Why Is Harry So Angry?

Fitzwilliams said, “The Sussexes’ activities, when they’ve spoken out, have been very, very damaging. There’s no doubt about it.” He added that the Queen likely finds their behavior “deplorable.” Indeed, it has been reported that the Queen is “deeply upset” by Harry’s “very personal” criticism of the royal family, especially his tirade against his father Prince Charles’ parenting skills and by extension the skills of the queen.

How Will Queen Elizabeth Respond To Harry’s truth bombs?

Fitzwilliams added, “[The Queen] has realized how unhappy they were, but speaking out in the way they have is a totally different thing.”

In the meantime, Her Majesty has endured the death of Prince Philip in April and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic which reportedly struck down Charles and Prince William.

Next year is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years on the throne. Many big events will be held including Trooping the Colour, on June 12. Will Harry bother to attend? That is unknown at this point, although he did manage to attend his grandfather’s funeral while Meghan chose to stay at home.

Harry is expected to return to the UK on July 1 for the unveiling of a statue of his late mother Princess Diana.

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  1. DJ Brown says

    Oh rubbish

  2. Tim says

    MM and Harry are deplorable to the maximum degree of degrees and ungrateful and unappreciative

  3. Park Avenue says

    OK. You say "Rubbish"
    Name two redeeming qualities about each one.
    Real achievements, not the tosh about "Charity Work', Actress-as if that is redeeming-or being 'brave to quit The Firm.
    Start with her.
    Name two….

  4. Guest says

    Why would the Monarch be hurt by Harry and Megan. Anybody with common sense wouldn’t listen to a word they had to say. Harry and Megan are nothing but spoiled brats.

  5. Marsha says

    This is getting old. They need to get on with the life they have chosen..

  6. Guest says

    The Queen must remove all titles and property in the UK.
    They don’t deserve anything from the Royal Family. Is like everybody is afraid to do something and he knows and is taking advantage

  7. Guest says

    I think they MM And whiney spoiled Brat Harry both need to shut their mouth. They lie and bubble just for the attention. Thru chose to knave the family. Yhrn stay out of I. Live your life without them You got everything you wanted now you want to turn I. Them. You were the one tha made a horses but out if yourself so many times you were a disgrace To that whole family and they protected you from yourself so many times. Just shut up stop the whineing and Grow up. Admit you lied. Admit you yourself was the problem. Not all of them

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