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Royal Family News: Thomas Markle Blasts Meghan For Disowning Both Sides Of Family

Thomas Markle British royal family news shows that trash talk runs in the Markle family with daughter Meghan dragging dad Thomas and Thomas slamming her husband. They will probably not be carving the turkey together this Thanksgiving, just guessing.

The Duchess of Sussex’s father Thomas Markle, Sr. piped up today to say the former actress, “pretty much disowned both sides of her family,” and told her to, “grow up.”

Thomas Markle Gives Advice

Markle didn’t play favorites with his criticism however, as he also lathered up Prince Harry. According to him Harry is a lazy gadfly: “all he does now is ride a bicycle around the neighborhood.”

According to the Daily Mail, “He was referring to when Harry was photographed in March riding an electric bike followed by a security team soon after the bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview aired.” That infamous interview saw the thirsty pair troll both his and her families.

Markle states that “childish” Meghan changed her ways after she met her Prince Charming. He also thinks it is ludicrous that he has been estranged from his daughter for nearly four years, and has not met her two children.

Meghan is Childish?

The lonely granddad now lives in Rosarito, Mexico, and has never met Prince Harry or the couple’s children Archie and Lilibet. He allegedly was unable to attend their wedding in 2018 after he had a heart attack and apparently this is where Meghan got miffed and stopped communicating.

He told Good Morning Britain today that doing interviews is his only option to communicate with Meghan. He stated, “I’ve made it quite clear that until I hear from her, until she does speak to me, that I will continue to do this. I will do a show at least a month, if I can get it through, and eventually sooner or later she’ll start talking to me. This is way too childish, this is kind of silly, it’s time to talk with each other, we’re family.”

Will Thomas Meet His Grandkids?

Thomas added, “The kids are going to grow up without knowing that they have two families. This is more than just me and my daughter now, this is me and my daughter, her husband and two babies involved now, so it’s time to do something. It’s time to talk.”

Markle raised eyebrows by saying of Doria Ragland, his ex and Meghan’s mom, “I don’t even know where her mother is at this point, I don’t think she’s in Los Angeles, or with Meghan and Harry. I don’t know where she’s at. I have tried to contact her.” Maybe social media will get on this and find out where in the world is Doria?

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  1. Guest says

    He needs to give Meghan and Harry some time and concentrate on his own life.Whenever they are ready to talk they will reach out.But if it were me I would tell him that he has to be quiet and not talk to the press ever.If the Queen can wait he can too.I will probably do the same thing in the future when I have more kids

  2. Guest says

    Dude if some one doesn't want you in their life just move on. kids,parents,cousins,ex's. who ever. Just move on. Life keeps going! Love the one's that do want to be around around you.

  3. Guest says

    Thomas is a no good father. He's using Meghan and her family to get attention. I'm glad she's staying away from him. He's the one that is childish. It's also very clear that Meghan mother doesn't want anything to do with him. That is why she isn't reaching out. Thomas please get a life and leave your daughter alone.

  4. Guest says

    Thomas Markle and his two other children are trying so hard to get back into Meghan Markle life because she married Prince Harry. It is so ironic that he has nothing to do with his other grandchildren, but wants to meet Meghan's children. Meghan is right to leave the Markle family behind because they are nothing but trying to make money off of her status with Prince Harry. Markle Jr. is estranged from Samantha…..Samantha is estranged from her 3 children and her mother. Why don't Samantha, Markle Jr. and the father just get together and leave Meghan alone.

  5. Guest says

    If she wants to disown her father she should do it, like yesterday, her father need to shut his big stupid, ignorant mouth and find a corner and sit in facing the wall forever, (he is looking for attention and trying very hard to cause trouble). The British Family all feel Meghan tainted their precious blood line being bi-racial (black/white) that is the number one biggest problem they really have with Meghan and I'm sure there are other things they dislike about her, she will never be able to please them and Prince Harry was somewhat of a wild child, remember when The Queen had to real him in and return home, because he was shown naked and drunk in Las Vegas, Harry was a party animal and he was an embarrassment to The Queen and Family. I hope Meghan and Harry will stay together forever.

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