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Royal Family News: Ungrateful Prince Harry Rejected Prince Charles’ Birthday Gift

Royal Family News: Ungrateful Prince Harry Rejected Prince Charles' Birthday GiftBritish royal family news divulges that Tina Brown’s new book, The Palace Papers: Inside The House Of Windsor — The Truth And The Turmoil, is a fascinating read into the monarchy and the people who inhabit it. Despite their larger-than-life presentation, they are human after all, and under the microscope, some more than others appear sensationally small and petty.

Take, for example, Prince Harry. Even before he married a former game showgirl he was already engaging in the kind of ugly behavior that the couple has now fashioned into their brand.

Royal Family News: Harry Was Always Angry?

Today the monarchy is said to have “lawyered up” in anticipation of the surly prince’s memoir due this fall. He is said to be particularly mad at the usurpation of his late mother Diana by his stepmother Camilla. The move was made official when the Queen, “vanquished the ghost of Diana by saying she wanted Camilla to become Queen when Charles takes to the throne.”

Will Harry drag Camilla for not being his mom? That’s what the palace is afraid of, and there is precedence for such ugliness. Harry and Meghan ranted about his family in a cringe tell-all with Oprah Winfrey and he followed that up with an equally bizarre interview this week. In it he claimed to be the one making sure his grandmother is, “protected,” a ludicrous claim in the face of his rejection of her.

Royal Family News: Is Harry Accurate?

Despite keeping his kids away from the 96-year old monarch, skipping her birthday to party with strangers this week, and snubbing his grandfather’s memorial last month, delusional Prince Harry bragged that “he enjoyed a special relationship with her unlike any other, that the two could ‘talk about things she can’t talk about with anybody else.’”

The book examines, “Harry’s mental health struggles and the girl who put him on the path to treatment,” Cressida Bonas, his girlfriend from 2012 to 2014.

Brown talked to 120 sources accrued from her time at Tatler, Vanity Fair, and the New Yorker. “I talked to more than 120 people, many of whom have been intimately involved with the senior royals and their households during the turbulent years since Diana died,” she said.

Royal Family News: Harry Lost Cressida Bonas and Gained Meghna Markle

With Cressida, ‘When he wasn’t venting about Prince William, he was pouring out resentments about Charles,’ Brown writes, “Father and son communicated mostly through their private offices.” One example of their apparently frosty bond is an instance in which disgruntled Harry refused his father’s birthday gift. For his 30th birthday present, Charles asked Harry, “Would you like another dinner jacket? Harry said: ‘OK’.”

In the end, however, the suit, “was . . . returned in a box, which seemed kind of analogous to their whole relationship.”

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  1. Guest says

    It's So Sad That "THE FIRM" As
    They Like Calling Themselves
    Are So Afraid That HARRY'S
    So Called BOOK OF TRUTHS
    Is Going To SHOW That This
    Family Is Full Of People
    Who Have Some STRANGE
    Most Of Them Are Totally
    Without A Doubt EXTREMELY
    & CAMILLA) & His MUM
    Isn't She Aware That Her
    Son & Heir Will More Than
    Likely Mess Up The All
    Ready Shakey MONARCHY,
    Most People In The UK
    Already Know That They
    Are Not Who They Pretend
    Are A Bit Out Dated &
    Not Needed, They Are
    Irrelivant In This Day In
    Age. And CAMILLA May
    Have Taken Her Place
    She Will NEVER BE IN
    Way DIANA WAS, She
    Has Absolutely No
    Class, No Personality,
    No Shame.

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