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Russia Reports King Charles is Dead From Cancer Complications

British royal family news shows that royal conspiracy plots thicken like day old gumbo: King Charles is not dead, we repeat, King Charles is still very much alive. According to the British embassy in Moscow.

This comes after Russian media straight up announced the death of the monarch. Oy vey. Let’s break down the latest treachery to hit the royal clan.

Royal Family News: King Charles is ALIVE

According to the Daily Mail, a bunch of “Russian news sites and their associated social media accounts reported earlier today that the King had died aged 75 as a result of cancer complications, citing unnamed ‘media’ sources in an inexplicable stream of posts.”

At the same time “an image of a clearly fake statement from ‘Buckingham Palace’ reporting Charles’ ‘unexpected death’ was circulated on social media.”

Russia Reports King Charles is Dead From Cancer Complications

This is the zenith of a series of wild false claims about Charles and Princess Kate, who both are dealing with medical woes. 

This is what happens when the palace refuses to give official information about two of the most high profile people on the planet—social media floats alternate narratives.

Royal Family News: Charles and Kate Are Hopefully OK

Russian newswire Sputnik reported:King Charles III of Great Britain has died at the age of 75, according to media reports. There is no information about this on the royal family website or in the British media.”

Within minutes the stories were updated with the truth, and the British embassy in Moscow joined in the confusion posting on X: “Reports of the death of King Charles III of Great Britain are fake!”

South Park couldn’t have planned a better skit in a million years of trying.

Later the British Embassy in Kyiv issued this statement: “We would like to inform you that the news about the death of King Charles III is fake.”

Royal Family News: Charles’ Fake Death

Now experts are left to wonder how the mistake happened: did news outlets purposely report fake news, or was did President Vladimir Putin’s propaganda machine behind it?

The Mail notes that RIA, Sputnik, Readkovka and Mash are “staunchly pro-Putin outlets – but all later corrected their stories.”

Despite the epic blunder, Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov’s spokeswoman Maria Zakharova chimed in to say “London looks pathetic.” Guess they don’t have mirrors in Russia?

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