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Sarah Ferguson Gaining In Popularity Over Camilla Parker Bowles?

As the Queen of England, you would think that Camilla Parker Bowles would be one of the most popular figures of the British Royal Family. But unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case at all.

Camilla could easily walk in the room and there wouldn’t be many people that would turn their heads to see her. But with her sister-in-law Sarah Ferguson, that’s not quite the case.

Prince Andrew’s ex-wife seems to be gaining more in popularity with the public and for many good reasons, too. Here’s what you need to know.

Sarah Ferguson Gaining In Popularity Over Camilla Parker Bowles?

Love her or hate here, there’s no denying that you simply can’t ignore a person like the Duchess of York. Sure, she’s seen her fair share of controversies and scandalous headlines, but that all seems to be in the past now.

Sarah Ferguson Gaining In Popularity Over Camilla Parker Bowles?

These days, Sarah is seen as a member of the royal family who is honest, outspoken, and someone who is not afraid to speak from the heart.

She has a new podcast in which she tackles many different topics – like her own breast cancer diagnosis – and gets to reveal a different side of her personality that a lot of her fans probably haven’t seen before.

What’s more, the podcast also gives her an opportunity to show the world what kind of person Sarah really is like behind closed doors. The same can’t be said about the Queen of England.

And while there’s no denying that Camilla Parker Bowles is someone who is fiercely loyal to her husband, King Charles, so is Sarah Ferguson to a certain extent, too. Actually, make that her ex-husband.

Even though it’s been several long decades since they pulled the plug on their marriage, Sarah is still very supportive of her former spouse, Prince Andrew.

The two might not be romantically linked anymore, but Sarah always makes a point to defend her ex-husband in her interviews, regardless of what anyone has to say about his and his scandalous behavior.

What’s Next For Sarah Ferguson?

For many royal fans and critics alike, they believe that Sarah has managed to redeem herself as someone who is royal, but anything like the rest of them. A lot of people can relate to Sarah Ferguson’s struggles, her health battle, and her complicated family dynamic.

If anything, royal fans see her as both real and raw. And for Sarah she probably doesn’t mind this at all, seeing show she gets to enjoy the perks of her growing royal popularity, too.

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