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Sarah Ferguson Openly Defies King Charles, Refuses To Stop Squatting At Royal Lodge

Sarah Ferguson Openly Defies King Charles, Refuses To Stop Squatting At Royal LodgeBritish royal family news reveals that Sarah Ferguson is living in a home that her BIL King Charles wants to evict her from.

More precisely, she lives at Royal Lodge with her ex-husband Prince Andrew and neither want to play nice and vacate the premises which they allegedly have allowed to fall into disrepair. Would we expect anything more from these scandal plagued peas in a pod?

For the record, Ferguson has been Randy Andy’s most vocal cheerleader. And why not, given the fact that she’s living off the royals alongside him.

But the public soured on her after she defended her ex giving hush money to a known sex trafficking victim who claimed that Andrew assaulted her (more than once) when she was a minor. Do disgraced Andrew and his live in ex deserve to remain at Royal Lodge, against the wishes of the monarch? Here’s what to know about the couple’s salacious situation.

Royal Family News – Andrew Refuses to Play Nice

The London Times recently detailed how the king wants defrocked Andrew out of the royal residence, reportedly threatening to cut off his allowance if he refuses.

Yes, Andrew is a 60-year old squatter kept financially by his older brother (his late mother reportedly had to pay off his sex abuse accuser with her own millions). The paper stated that palace insiders are calling Andrew’s latest mess the ‘Siege of Royal Lodge.’

Royal Family News – Prince Andrew Refuses To Move

Believe it or not, Andrew is not without friends, and they told The Daily Beast: “Andrew has no intention of moving out … Andrew does not have a huge amount in his life anymore, the house is one of the few things keeping him going, and the idea that he is going to throw that away along with his children’s inheritance is just absurd.”

Another friend played the mommy card saying “He was given the lease on the house on favorable terms by the late queen … It is his forever home and he won’t be leaving.”

Royal Family News – Will Sarah Prevail?

It’s been suggested in The Times that Sarah could play peacemaker but one source said “She is fiercely loyal to Andrew” which would seem to negate any talk of her willingly leaving her luxe digs, no matter how much neither she nor Andrew are not wanted there.

Tell us royal fans, who do you think is right in this matter, King Charles or Andrew and Sarah?

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