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Tom Cruise Escorts Kate Middleton – Hollywood Royalty Meets Royal Family

Tom Cruise Tom Cruise, beloved for starring in films ranging from “Top Gun” to “Rain Man,” became one of Hollywood’s royalty decades ago. And Kate Middleton recently has soared in popularity through her devotion to her husband Prince William, their royal children, and her royal family duties. As a result, fans of both got thrilled to learn that Tom recently stepped up to escort Kate at a very special event!

Find out what happened when Cruise proved a gallant escort for Middleton. And learn about the special occasion. Get the latest royal family news below. 

Tom Cruise And Kate Middleton Provide Memorable Moment For Fans

Royalty, meet royalty! Hollywood prince Tom Cruise met up with Britain’s beloved royal family representative Kate Middleton in a moment that got captured in instantly viral photos. And with Prince William joining the two, Kate and Tom strolled along the red carpet at the movie star’s premiere, reported Us magazine.

Both Kate and William did justice to the royal family at the London premiere of Cruise’s “Top Gun: Maverick” by wearing their most elegant attire. For instance, the Duchess of Cambridge choose a classic Roland Mouret gown. And the Duke of Cambridge sported a tuxedo that matched Kate’s black-and-white color scheme. But beyond that attire, the two also raised funds for the Film and TV Charity. That organization helps those in the TV and film industry in the United Kingdom.

However, the highlight of the night came when a set of stairs confronted Middleton. And up stepped Cruise, gallantly escorting and helping Kate into the theater. But Tom skillfully avoided any awkward moments by happily chatting with the couple throughout their red carpet walk.

Royal Family Fans Flutter Over Tom Cruise With Kate Middleton!

Twitter lit up with photos of Tom, 59, and Kate, 40, together. And the gushing over that intimate moment included those praising Cruise for his sweet dash to help the Duchess of Cambridge navigate those steps. However, the Sun pointed out that the actor actually broke royal protocol in touching Kate to help her. But fans didn’t let the rule-breaking stop them from appreciating the moment. 

And the only debate involved whether to gush about Tom or Kate more! For instance, one fan tweeted, “Tom Cruise being a perfect gentleman tonight!! Kate just stunning.” And another chimed in, “Tom Cruise is a true gentleman. The Duchess of Cambridge is stunning!”

However, Cruise provided his own share of gushing. And he pointed out that he shares much in common with Prince William. “We both love England and we’re both aviators, we both love flying,” noted the actor. But Tom also exclaimed over his joy in attending the premiere after the lengthy COVID-19 pandemic. “I love what I do, I’ve always enjoyed it,” Cruise shared. “And I’m enjoying it even more now. Particularly after the last couple of years, just to have an event like this is extraordinary.”

Tell us what you think. Do you admire Tom Cruise for daring to defy royal protocol in order to help Kate Middleton navigate those stairs at the movie premiere? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family and celebrity news!

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