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Tragic Details About Kate Middleton Life Through The Years

While most little girls dream of marrying their prince someday, being a part of the Royal Family isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

A prime example of this is Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales. While there are likely some perks to being married to the Prince of Wales, William, she’s suffered her fair share of tragedies.

Kate Middleton’s Early Years

Before she became a princess, Kate didn’t have the easiest time at school. She attended Downe House, an all-girl boarding school, where she reportedly got bullied frequently.

According to the UK newspaper News of the World in 2010, which has since disbanded, an old school friend, Jessica Hay states that Kate “absolutely hated” school. She was picked on by some of the girls there, and she was not the type to stand up for herself.

Kate Middleton & The Tragedies She’s Struggling Through

As she was having a seemingly tough time, Kate’s parents transferred her in the middle of semesters to Marlborough College.

In 2018, one friend from Marlborough, Gemma Williamson, told the Daily Mail that Middleton had been bullied badly and “looked” pale and thin when she arrived at the new college. She adds that Kate had little self-esteem.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Death Affected Kate

It was reported that the death of Queen Elizabeth II “devastated” Kate, and she did not hold her grief in. William’s grandmother passed away on September 8, 2022, at the age of 96.

According to reports, Kate had the awful task of telling her children, Louis, Charlotte, and George about their great-grandmother’s passing, and used her words carefully so that the kids knew the Queen was, “in Heaven” with Prince Phillip.

According to People, Middleton was visibly upset during the Queen’s procession, while watching the coffin pass by.

Kate Middleton Loses A Close Friend

Shortly before the Queen’s death, Kate struggled with losing a close friend and antenatal expert Christine Hill, who was offered tremendous support when she first became pregnant with Prince George, her eldest child.

Christine was 74 years of age when she passed and must’ve been a great source of comfort for Kate while she was first expecting, as many know Kate Middleton struggled with her first pregnancy.

In February 2020, Kate stated on the Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast that she was not the “happiest of pregnant people”. She was very vocal about her experience with hyperemesis gravidarum while expecting.

Her Struggles With Mom Guilt

Speaking of, during that 2020 podcast, Kate talks about mom guilt, an emotion many mothers out there deal with on a daily basis.

Working moms can often feel like they don’t dedicate enough time to their children, and with Kate’s palace workload, she’s no exception to this rule.

On Happy Mum, Happy Baby she states that being a mother and princess can cause a lot of stress, as she questions her judgments and decisions all the time.

She then shared an emotional story of where one morning she went to head out to work, which upset Charlotte and George because they wanted her to take them to school.

The “Cheating” Rumors Buzz On

Rumors are a part of life for the Royal Family, which means that sometimes stories hit the internet that aren’t true. As speculation for some stories is never addressed, this can cause that much more of a buzz. Such is the case when it comes to allegations that William has cheated on Kate.

According to Cosmopolitan, William had an affair with Rose Hanbury, a family friend. The rumor went viral on X, formerly known as Twitter in July 2022 for the umpteenth time, thanks to a post with an alleged claim that stemmed from a since-deleted story run by The Sun.

The article stated Kate had a falling out with Hanbury. Richard Kay, from Daily Mail, chirped back that reports surrounding the falling out have never offered evidence, and as such, the Royals have ignored all the rumors.

Taking the higher road is a road less traveled, and can often be difficult, but engaging in drama may have been far worse!

Kate Middleton Is Constantly Stalked By The Paparazzi

Much like another princess before her, Kate is constantly hounded by the Paparazzi.

Unfortunately, since she married William, a number of videos have circulated on social media showing Middleton, begging the paparazzi to leave her alone, among bulbs flashing everywhere.

Tina Brown, a Royal Family expert talked about the Paparazzi’s harassment of Kate in the book “The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor — The Truth and the Turmoil”, stating that the princess was “relentlessly” pursued by photographers in London, reminiscent of what Diane, William’s mother, went through.

The book notes these photographers would shout mean things, in hopes of getting an unflattering photo or reaction out of her. Kate’s likely learned over the years, how to handle this all.

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