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Was Prince George A Bully About His Dad Being King One Day?

Was Prince George A Bully About His Dad Being King One Day?Prince George knocked Prince Harry down the rung when he was born to Prince William and Kate. Of course, with Queen Elizabeth passing away, his grandfather, Charles is now King. So, the son of William is now second in line to the throne. Providing nothing untoward happens, one day, his dad will take over from his grandfather. So, was the young boy being bigoted about it at school? 

Prince George Was Born To Be King One Day

Queen Elizabeth was very concerned about William and his son flying together on short trips. Often, they get around flying in a helicopter. And, the old monarch wisely felt that if something bad happened, two heirs to the throne could pass away at the same time. Of course, his dad and Kate Middleton must be very aware of the possibility of that happening. Not that they always followed the Queen’s advice. 

Prince George is being groomed for his future role in the monarchy. Much like his grandfather and his dad, he has to live up to certain standards. Probably, that’s why his mom makes him dress up neatly when he attends royal events. Despite folks complaining that it’s not fair to wear a suit, one day, he will have to dress up in his royal regalia, no matter what the weather is. Those who watched the royal funeral probably noted that it looked like a hot day full of pomp and uniforms. 

Prince George Allegedly Threatened A School Kid

Hollywood Unlocked cited an article by The Daily Mail. It focused on the book by Katie Nicholl, “The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy and the Future of the Crown.“ There’s a lot about the royal family, and it’s not all about William and his son. However, it does mention that a classmate got threatened “after a scuffle” as George allegedly said, “Watch out” because his dad will become the king. 

Was Prince George Being A Bigot About His Dad Being King One Day
Hollywood Unlocked / Instagram

When the story about Prince George appeared on Instagram, a lot of comments arrived. One follower opined, “He better learn how to fight his own battles. You can’t take mommy and daddy everywhere with you.”

Another person wrote, “The entitlement started already.” Actually, many similar comments followed. But was he acting unusually entitled and bigoted?

An Entitled Bigot?

Prince George, if you think about it, probably acted out something that happened a billion times since schools were invented. How many kids threatened their classmates by saying “watch out, my dad’s a policeman?” Or, “My dad’s bigger than yours, so watch out.” Possibly, millions of kids once said, “Watch out, my dad’s a lawyer!”

From parents being school teachers to sales execs, firemen, and more, there is a strong possibility that similar scenes played out for hundreds of years. Was the future King being a bigot? Or, was he acting out just like many other kids on the playground? 

What do you think? Shout out in the comments below. 

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  1. Jezz says

    He’s a child, they say stupid things. I bet lots of kids with important and/or strong parents have said such ridiculous things. How many kids who have action fighting film stars, fighting athletes like kick boxer or even gangster style rap parents have said this stupid stuff. Look what will Smiths kid stupidly said or posted after Will slapped Chris Rock. Kids say stupid stuff all the time, it’s how the parents respond that matters and we can be sure both William and Kate will be telling George and his siblings this is not cool.

  2. Suzy says

    He was just being a kid. What did other child say to make him say that? I’m sure his parents have spoken to him

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