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Why Is Meghan Markle Asking Kate Middleton To Apologize?

Shouldn’t they have already put all of this in the past? That’s what a lot of people can’t help but wonder to ask as there’s a new report that says Meghan Markle was hoping that Kate Middleton would eventually apologize to her for the big fiasco they had back in 2018.

But now that it’s been reported that the Princess of Wales has cancer, Meghan is backing down, and that’s only because she doesn’t want to look insensitive.

Otherwise, she would have continued to ask for an apology. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Royal Family News – Why Is Meghan Markle Asking Kate Middleton To Apologize?

There’s a new report that says Meghan Markle feels guilty for asking Kate Middleton for an apology, but at the same time, she wishes that the two of them could just set the record straight once and for all.

Why Is Meghan Markle Asking Kate Middleton To Apologize?

It has to do with the rumor suggesting Meghan had made Kate cry a few days before her royal wedding back in 2018 when in actuality, it was Kate who had made the bride cry at the time.

And while that should have all been settled by now, royal expert Tom Quinn says that there’s still some animosity between the two princesses to this very day.

Quinn puts it this way to The Mirror, Megan doesn’t feel guilty about Kate, because she feels that Kate should’ve been the one person in the Royal family to back her against every difficulty.

Apart from anything else, Meghan knew Kate was an outsider, so she just couldn’t understand why Kate always towed the Royal line rather than supporting her, Meghan, the other outsider.”

Royal Family News – What’s Next For Kate And Meghan?

He continued, Kate’s cancer diagnosis has been a real shock for Meghan, but she can see no way to patch up the relationship simply because it has become so poisonous. She also doesn’t want people saying that she is trying to make things up with Kate just because Kate is ill. Meghan still feels Kate was in the wrong and should apologize before they try to build bridges.”

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  1. Kathryn Torres says

    Forget about Megan Markle. All she wants is attention.

  2. Maria says

    If Megsie believes this then in uncertain terms should Catherine (a real Princess every sense of the word) NOT apologize!! She’s done nothing wrong. If anyone needs to apologize it’s Henry for bringing that woman into the Royal Family and introducing her to them and then to the world. Lord knows Mattress Meghan would not have made it big in Hollywood.

  3. Deborah says

    H&M have “demanded” public apology’s from the RF. That’s never going to happen but Megan won’t forget that she THINKS she was slighted.

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