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90 Day Fiance Leaked Footage Reveals Why Memphis Left The Tell-All

90 Day Fiance Leaked Footage Reveals Why Memphis Left The Tell-All90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 5 starred Memphis Smith and Hamza Moknii. The couple brought a lot of drama to the show, but then she was a no-show at the Tell-All. Actually, that really annoyed TLC fans who mocked her as the usual and typical set stormer. However, now a leaked video revealed exactly why she walked away from it.

90 Day Fiance Star Memphis Smith Has A Downer On TLC

Even before the Tell-All, Memphis made it known that she had a massive problem with the TLC show. Back in February, she described the show as really being evil. It came when she shared a bible verse on her Instagram. Talking about the production, she said, “It is a shame that the devil’s work is played on Sundays! I pray for my cast members who are going through this. When things are brought to try to destroy you..that means God has a plan for you the devil is trying to prevent!”

90 Day Fiance fabs seemed a bit puzzled by religious Memphis, who played out in the show as a bit of drama queen. Remember the big scene about her demanding that Hamza sign a prenup? Actually, that almost made him rethink his entire relationship. Additionally, fans found out that she fell pregnant and her baby was born. Well, between her feelings that TLC is evil, and the fact that she has a baby were two major factors as to why she ghosted the Tell-AlL.

90 Day Fiance Leaked Video Footage – The Real Reason

The Merry Pants account on Instagram revealed some footage that they said arrived in their DMs. Well, it seemed that whatever the crew filmed stopped while she talked to the producers about bad behavior. There’s not much to see, but folks can hear the exchange that took place as the camera pointed at the floor. The admin said, “Memphis confronting the producers about recording her while in a private room 😢.”

90 Day Fiance Leaked Footage Reveals Why Memphis Left The Tell-All
Merry Pants / Instagram

Certainly, it seems that the 90 Day Fiance crew invaded Memphos’ privacy. In the exchange, she talked over the sound of her baby girl crying. It became clear that while she was in private breastfeeding her baby, one of the production crew walked in. Apparently, it was a male producer. Memphis said. “I’m sitting in there, I’m sick, I’m throwing up, my blood pressure is elevated, I’m dehydrated, I’m trying to feed my baby, and here you guys are.” Clearly angry and embarrassed, she said that the crew just doesn’t care about the people in the show.

Fans Reacted To The Leak

90 Day Fiance fans had their say in the comments section. One of them said, “She’s not wrong 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m not a supporter and haven’t even tried to keep up with all the drama they’ve been throwing out there but if she didn’t agree to be filmed while breastfeeding, they shouldn’t have been filming her. Period.”

Another fan noted, “She probably doesn’t want her baby on camera!! She’s sick, and obviously has a newborn!! I wouldn’t want that recorded either! Just because she’s on a show doesn’t mean they can record stuff she doesn’t agree with! Smh.”

However, not everyone agreed that Memphis handled it right. Some of them opined that she should have taken care of her daughter before starting a big argument.

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