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Alaskan Bush People Star Raiven Brown Opens Up On More Kids

Alaskan Bush People fans heard that Raiven Adams Brown and her husband, Bear welcomed their second child this month. As their first child, River was a boy, and so is the newcomer, Cove, some fans wonder if they might have more kids and try for a daughter. This week, she did a Q&A and let folks know if that is part of their plans. 

Alaskan Bush People – Raiven Brown Updates Fans On Her Boys

All through her pregnancy, the mom of River kept fans updated. The Discovery star ran into some problems in November and was assigned to bed rest. Still, she managed to almost go totally full term. By the time her baby boy arrived, Raiven was 38 weeks along. The birth came during a scheduled C-Section, but little Cove was born with a respiratory condition usually associated with younger kids. So, he ended up in the NICU. After bearing two boys who needed the NICU, will she have more children?

Alaskan Bush People fans know that Bear and his wife didn’t mind which gender their new baby would be. In fact, when it comes to gender, she has some strong feelings. When someone spoke about her doing all the compromising after she and Bear split recently, she told them that “we are doing it 50/50 over here gender doesn’t have any part in respect.” This week, someone mentioned gender again and she gave another straight answer.

Alaskan Bush People

Alaskan Bush People – Will Raiven Brown Have More Kids?

On Monday, January 30, Raiven took to her Instagram Stories and did a Q&A. Some questions that arrived were about her C-Section and how she’s feeling now. However, more questions were asked about whether they plan for more children. A fan asked about more “babies in the future,” and Raiven said, “We are done with the complications of both our boys.” Then she explained, “I think it’s best we stop at two, and Bear is completely fine with that.”

Alaskan Bush People Star Raiven Brown Opens Up On More Kids
Raiven Adams Brown / Instagram Stories

One Alaskan Bush People fan ran into a straight answer when they talked about them having more babies. They said, “Now you need a girl!!! Any thoughts on a girl-Bear!!” Clearly, Raiven didn’t like the focus on gender again. So she replied, “I’m done having baby’s, (sic) but I would never have another for a specific gender.” Next, she said, “I’m content with boys happy for what God gave me.” 

Alaskan Bush People – What Complications Happened With River?

Alaskan Bush People fans might not know that River was also in the NICU. Actually, he might have been way more in need of attention as he was delivered during an emergency C-Section. Born premature, and with Placental abruption, she could have lost him. That happens when the placenta and the uterus separate.   

What are your thoughts on the fact that Raiven and Bear Brown won’t have any further children? Let us know in the comments below. 

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