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Alaskan Bush People Throwback: Who Does Rivers Resemble?

Alaskan Bush PeopleAlaskan Bush People (ABP) stars, Bear Brown and his wife Raiven have a cute little boy named Rivers. Bear always says that he’s the mini-me of his dad Billy. In fact, he looks so much like his dad, that it gives Bear some comfort. If you don’t know, Billy passed away after seizures. Well, Raiven shared some photos this week that revealed Rivers might resemble someone else.

Alaskan Bush People – Baby Rivers, Bear, And Raiven

When Billy would have celebrated his birthday, Bear said that he misses his dad so much. Additionally, he’d mentioned already that his son looks a lot like his dad. In fact, he looks so much like Billy, that sometimes that family call Rivers “Little Billy.” Well, he certainly seems to have a close likeness to his grandpa. But is there someone else he looks like?

Alaskan Bush People fans know that Bear and Raiven finally tied the knot. So, despite being arrested for an alleged domestic violence charge against Raiven, they live together. In fact, they plan to all stay on the mountain where his dad had so many ambitions for the family. Probably, Billy will have a lifestyle much like his dad does. But does that mean he will grow up to look like Bear?

Alaskan Bush People – Raiven Shares A Throwback Photo

If you think that Billy takes after his grandpa, you would be right. In fact, he does have a similar shape around his eyes and mouth. But, he doesn’t look like Bear’s mini-me much. On May 17, Raiven posted up to two photos side by side. One of them showed Rivers, and the other one showed her when she wasn’t much older than him. In her caption, she said, “MY Twin?” and most people, agreed that he is.

Alaskan Bush People Throwback Who Does Rivers Resemble
Raiven AdamsBear Brown / Instagram

Alaskan Bush People looking that the photos of Bear, Billy, Raiven, and Rivers might see that he is indeed very similar to his mom. Still, there’s no denying that something of his grandfather comes through as well. As for Bear in the middle, well, perhaps our readers can spot the likeness? Unfortunately, Bear seldom posts throwback photos. So, we couldn’t find a younger one of him as a baby.

Alaskan Bush People – Who Does Rivers Resemble The Most – Billy Or Raiven?

Throwing it over to you, Alaskan Bush People fans! What do you think of the throwback photos? Do you think that Rivers looks more like his mom, Raiven? Or, does he look more like his grandfather, Billy Brown? Can you spot something of young Bear in his son?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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