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Joy Behar Snubbed Producer From Career Milestone

The View spoilers reveal that Joy Behar snubbed a producer of the show from her career milestone. She was exposed in the latest episode of the show’s podcast. Keep on reading to learn more.

The View Spoilers – Producer Exposes Joy Behar

According to The View spoilers, a producer exposed Joy Behar. He admitted that the comedian snubbed him during the biggest career moment of her life.

Ana Navarro was a guest on the Friday, November 10 episode of The View: Behind the Table podcast. She discussed Latin entertainment and her love for Maluma.

Joy Behar Snubbed Producer From Career Milestone

During that same episode, the show’s producer Brian Teta exposed Joy. He told Ana about The View panelist snubbing him from her big project.

Earlier this month, Joy starred in a new theater play. When Brian went to buy tickets online, they were all sold out.

The View spoilers suggest that Joy didn’t get him a ticket. Ana was one of the lucky attendees at Joy’s play. She asked him why he didn’t attend opening night. Brian said that Joy never got him tickets to the show.

“Speaking of interesting, last Friday, you went to see Joy’s play, Bonkers in the Boroughs,” Brian said. “How was it?”

“It was terrific,” Ana said. “I didn’t see you there.”

“You know, so, I asked her for a ticket. I might have even done it on the podcast,” Brian admitted. “We were promoting it here. We were talking about it. She was nervous about it. So, I just assumed there’d be tickets available. I went online two weeks beforehand. It was completely sold out.”

Brian asked Joy if there was another way for him to get tickets. He was hoping the redhead would help him out. But, Joy responded: “You snooze, you lose!” Ana laughed at Brian’s story as he added: “Oh ok. I guess I’m not going.”

The View Spoilers – Joy Behar’s Soldout Play

The View spoilers reveal that Joy Behar’s play was sold out. Ana admitted that “the place was packed.” She stayed the entire time to support Joy. Ana normally returns home to Miami on Friday nights. However, she wanted to be there for her friend’s big night.

“I’m incredibly proud of her. It’s really quite amazing that Joy, at 81, has found this next act,” Ana continued. “And she’s passionate about it. We’ve heard her talk about this. And she has been going at this. She’s been to writing workshops. She’s been writing these plays. She’s been lassoing guests that come here to go read and act in them.”

Brian said he could tell that Joy was glowing and proud of herself. Ana told him that Joy was trying to get more showings of her plays. Hopefully, Brian will “get another chance” to see him. He shared that he “will never miss it again.”

What are your thoughts on Joy Behar snubbing the producer of The View? Does this surprise you? Do you think she should’ve scored him tickets? Sound off below in the comment section.

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