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Show Producers Instructed Whoopi Goldberg To Fake Excitement

The View spoilers suggest the show producers instructed Whoopi Goldberg to fake excitement. She often looks “bored” on the show, especially when they talk about relationships and dating. Keep on reading to learn more.

The View Spoilers: Whoopi Goldberg’s Instructions

The View spoilers reveal Whoopi Goldberg’s strict instructions. The moderator rested her chin on her hands before the segment even started.

The moderator introduced the “Hot Topics” part of the ABC daytime show. She admitted that the producers gave her stern instructions.

On the Monday, November 20, Whoopi asked the panel whether their partner should be “liking” someone else’s photo on Instagram.

Show Producers Instructed Whoopi Goldberg To Fake Excitement

The 68-year-old actress looked bored when she read the news story. Whoopi struggled to stay serious.

“The Sex/Relationships section of the New York Post featured a letter from a woman who’s been dating a guy for two years and sees a future with this guy, but she can’t get past the fact that he ‘likes’ photos and is chatting up other women on Instagram,” Whoopi Goldberg said with a smile on her face. “He says he’s just having fun and it’s not like he’s cheating. What would you say?”

Her co-host Sunny Hostin asked Whoopi if the guy is sliding into other people’s DMs Ms. Whoopi admitted that she was instructed by producers to act like she was interested in the topics she moderates.

“You know, I’ve been instructed to look like I’m really interested in things like this,” Whoopi responded. “So let me look interested and say, geez Sunny, I don’t know. I’m not sure if he’s slipping into DMs or slipping into something else.”

The View Spoilers: Fans Call Out Whoopi’s Boredom

According to The View spoilers, fans have called out Whoopi Goldberg’s boredom. Some argued that she should be replaced with someone else.

During the live show, they took to Twitter/X to share their reaction to Whoopi’s instructions from the producers.

“Whoopi saying about being instructed to pretend to be interested in the topic! Of course, some of us say how we don’t really care for the fluff stuff!” one fan posted.

Back in September, viewers demanded the show to replace Whoopi with another host. They called her out for her “rude” behavior on the show.

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  1. Carol Jenkins says

    I am very pleased with the way Whoopi monitors. She gives everyone a chance to voice their thoughts, not like other moderators you use that do not give the rest of the panel the chance to participate because she is too busy voicing her own thoughts. Usually when Whoopi does talk I feel like she is level headed by her words and truthful.

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