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Survivor Host Jeff Probst Teases Next Season!

Survivor host Jeff Probst seems like the Energizer Bunny. And Probst just keeps going and going. From tribal councils to competitions, Jeff never loses his enthusiasm for the game.

For instance, the most recent season of Survivor just ended. But its host already feels happy to discuss upcoming episodes! Find out what he shared below. 

Jeff Probst – Teases Upcoming Season Of Survivor!

Farewell to one season of Survivor and hello to another. Well, sort of. Survivor host Jeff Probst recently participated in the finale for Survivor season 43. And after the three hour finale ended, Probst offered some hints for Survivor season 44, noted EW.

Jeff Probst

However, fans will need to wait until March 1, 2023, to view the full debut of season 44 of Survivor. But Jeff did serve up some clues. Probst first wrapped up season 43. 

And after announcing the season 43 winner and then managing an after show on location, the Survivor host dropped a teaser video for season 44. The next season of Survivor promises to contain some especially scary moments.

Survivor Season 44 – What To Expect

The teaser video for the 44th season of the famous competition show includes contestants who discuss playing in the NFL. But they also admit that they prepared for Survivor by studying FBI interrogation techniques. And one terrifying moment comes in a medical scare, with a contestant getting ordered to “keep breathing.”

However, true to his ability to narrate such teasers, Probst jazzed it up with drama. And he promised that season 44 will offer “one of the most intense, unpredictable, inspirational, and most entertaining seasons of Survivor.” But the Survivor host also promised real danger.

“As you can tell from the Survivor 44 promo, we have an explosive season heading your way in March,” commented Probst. “The personalities are huge and wildly entertaining. The game play is really fun and very active,” he added. “And the danger of living in the jungle is real.”

Survivor Season 44 Gets Premiere Date!

However, Jeff held back from dishing up details about the dangers. But the Survivor host did point out, “The physical part of Survivor is never easy. But some seasons are just tougher than others. Survivor 44 is one of those seasons.” And he showed his trademark enthusiasm discussing the upcoming season.

“I’m so pumped to get it on the air,” exclaimed Probst. “I wish we could start airing it next week!” However, the Survivor host held off on more details. But fans can mark their calendars for the Survivor season 44 on Wednesday, March 1. The reality TV show will kick off with an episode lasting two hours. So far, the network has not revealed if the first episode will feature the elimination of just one player or two players, according to Parade magazine.

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about the clues that Jeff Probst gave for season 44 of Survivor? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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