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Survivor: Jeff Probst Reveals How Season 45 Differs From ‘Lord Of The Flies’ Season 1

Survivor spoilers reveal that season 45 sees host and executive producer Jeff Probst returning. And with the new season comes a change to 90-minute-long episodes.

Find out what Probst shared about the expanded episodes. And keep reading to learn what Survivor will offer during the new season.

Survivor Spoilers – Jeff Probst Gets ’50 Percent More’

Jeff Probst has longed for 90-minute-long episodes of Survivor for many seasons. But the popular host and exec producer had to wait until season 45 to achieve that goal. And now Probst feels thrilled at the results, he told CBS News.

Survivor: Jeff Probst Reveals How Season 45 Differs From 'Lord Of The Flies' Season 1

As a result of the change to the reality competition show, Jeff pointed out that the new season will offer Survivor fans “50% more show.” And the Survivor host admitted, “I’ve been pitching, saying we can do it, and our fans will enjoy it.” But Probst also teased what to expect beyond the 90-minute expanded episodes. 

Survivor: Jeff Probst Reveals How Season 45 Differs From 'Lord Of The Flies' Season 1

And the Survivor host revealed plans for more creativity in the challenges. Probst believes that the longer episodes allow the Survivor team to offer the ability to incorporate more joy into the show’s twists and turns. “We’re just able to have more fun,” Probst summed up.

Survivor Spoilers – Winners Need ‘Emotional Intelligence’

And the host of the reality competition show promised that the expanded episodes give Survivor the ability to accomplish much more this season. “We’re able to do more things, spend more time with the players,” noted Probst. But above all, the host couldn’t resist gushing about doing “more elaborate advantages and twists and things that sort of keep our game going.”

And for those who think that 23 years have diminished the enthusiasm of potential contestants, Probst denied any problem in attracting the Survivor cast. The reality competition show continues to sort through “tens of thousands of people applying every year,” the Survivor host revealed. And after all that time, Probst knows exactly how to find potential winners.

But above all, the Survivor host feels that the perfect applicant needs two qualities. And he summed those up as possessing “emotional intelligence” and “social skills.”  However, Probst feels that another aspect of what makes Survivor fun counts as well.

Survivor Spoilers – Jeff Probst Reveals How Competition Changed

And the host shared, “What’s fun about Survivor is you are also a detective. You are playing this game of who knows what, and what do they know about me, and how can I get around here?” And Probst offered his insights on how the game has shifted since it resembled “Lord of the Flies without the death” in its first season.

“Where it is now is that, ultimately, ‘Survivor’ is about this human experience,” reflected the Survivor host. “But the lure is the game. So you design this complicated game where you get to be a detective and use your emotional intelligence and be social.” 

And when the game ends, Probst hopes that contestants come to a key realization. “But when it’s over, what you realize is, oh, it wasn’t about the game. It was about the experience. But you had to play the game to get the experience,” he added. Season 45 of Survivor debuts Sept. 27 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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