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The Good Doctor Season 5 Spoilers: Freddie Highmore Photo As Dr. Shaun Murphy Shows Unexpected Addition!

The Good Doctor: Freddie Highmore The Good Doctor initially seemed like just another medical prime-time TV drama, attempting to find its niche in a crowded arena.

But thanks to the acting talents of star Freddie Highmore coupled with a unique premise, The Good Doctor quickly soared to the top of the ratings charts.

Portraying Dr. Shaun Murphy for four seasons, Highmore has taken The Good Doctor viewers into the life of a man who is simultaneously a gifted surgeon and an individual with savant syndrome and autism.

And as we look forward to season five, one cast member of The Good Doctor just unveiled an unexpected addition to Dr. Shaun Murphy’s life!

Find out more below.

The Good Doctor Spoilers – Begins Filming Season 5

Thanks to The Good Doctor star Richard Schiff, we now know that the show has begun filming on season 5.

Richard portrays Dr. Aaron Glassman, who serves as Dr. Shaun Murphy’s mentor and support system. Dr. Glassman has repeatedly fought to get Dr. Murphy viewed as the talented surgeon that he is. In addition, we’ve seen the character seek to guide Dr. Murphy through everything from dating to hospital politics.

Now, as we look forward to season 5, Schiff just added to the buzz by posting an Instagram pic about The Good Doctor’s filming status.

“Made it to Vancouver. And so it begins. Season 5 @thegooddoctorabc . Cast dinner with @freddiehighmore. Missing my family,” wrote the actor in his caption.

The photo shows happy smiles on the faces of both Richard and The Good Doctor’s lead star, Freddie Highmore. It appears that the two dined together as they work on filming in Vancouver.

The Good Doctor Spoilers – Freddie Highmore Adds This Accessory To Dr. Shaun Murphy?

But when we look closely at the photo, we noticed something unexpected about Freddie Highmore!

Has the actor grown a beard for season five of The Good Doctor? And what might that reveal about Dr. Shaun Murphy’s evolution on the show?

Worth noting: In contrast to Richard Schiff’s Instagram pic, ABC’s The Good Doctor Instagram platform shared a photo of Highmore filming.

Where’s the beard?!

We’ll have to wait until season 5 of The Good Doctor premieres to find out if Dr. Shaun Murphy sports a beard this year… but we promise to update you if we discover any clues between then and now!

Meanwhile, keep reading to find out what else to know about season 5 of The Good Doctor.

The Good Doctor Spoilers – Everything To Know About The Good Doctor Season 5

Mark your calendar for The Good Doctor Season 5 to debut on Monday, Sept. 27 at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

The cast will include:

  • Freddie Highmore once again portrays Dr. Shaun Murphy. This good doctor will continue to show his challenges in both professional and personal relationships.
  • Hill Harper returns to his role as Dr. Marcus Andrews. A talented surgeon, Dr. Andrews repeatedly has sought to guide Dr. Murphy.
  • As revealed on his Instagram,  Richard Schiff will again portray Dr. Aaron Glassman. As  Dr. Murphy’s closest friend and mentor, Dr. Glassman will continue his work as a surgeon while supporting Shaun.
  • And last but definitely not least, Paige Spara returns to her role as Lea Dilallo. Representing the first adult love affair for Shaun, Paige has gone through tremendous ups and downs in their relationship. Can the couple recover from her miscarriage?

Be sure to check back on our site for all the news about The Good Doctor season 5!

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