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The Good Doctor: Shocking Death in Finale Revealed

The Good Doctor: Shocking Death in Finale RevealedThe Good Doctor shocked fans with a death leading up to the show’s finale. The showrunners explained why this character had to die. Keep on reading to learn more.

Who Dies in The Good Doctor Finale?

Warning: This article contains spoilers. The seventh and final season of The Good Doctor will include the death of Dr. Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff). He returned to the show to say his goodbyes. Glassman told Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) that his cancer returned.

It progressed to a glioblastoma. Dr. Shaun suggested they should try another treatment. Glassman assured him that it wouldn’t work. “It’s terminal. I’m dying,” he told Dr. Shaun.

As fans of The Good Doctor know, Dr. Glassman was diagnosed with brain cancer in the first season. At the time, he learned that he had four months to live. Dr. Glassman received chemotherapy and beat his cancer diagnosis. However, he continued to have health issues over the years.

In Season 6, Glassman suffered from strokes, which made it impossible to perform surgery. The Good Doctor Season 7, Episode 7 showed him calling the lab to find out the status of his scans. Glassman didn’t reveal who the scans were for. Most fans believe it was related to his brain cancer.

Some wonder if he will beat the odds again. The odds are stacked against his favor. Glassman is expected to die before the show’s conclusion. The showrunners explained the reason behind Glassman’s death.

The Good Doctor: Shocking Death in Finale Revealed

Good Doctor Showrunners Explain Character’s Death

Co-executive producers David Shore and Liz Friedman spoke out about Dr. Glassman’s death in their interview with Parade. They thought Season 7 was the perfect time for fans and the characters to say goodbye.

“It seemed like a natural place for the story to go,” Friedman explained. “We had [Dr. Glassman] dealt with this illness previously and it just seemed like a real natural thing for us, that a challenge that Shaun would face is the passing of his mentor.”

“It’s very much a parent-child relationship and the show has been very much about Dr. Murphy facing new challenges,” Shore shared. “The biggest one is arguably facing life without a parent. I thought it was a nice way to bookend it.”

Dr. Shaun will have to navigate life on his own. Rumors are swirling that there could be more than one death. Dr. Claire Brown’s (Antonia Thomas) health still has fans wondering if she’s going to live. What are your thoughts on these shocking character deaths? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

The Good Doctor airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC and streams on Hulu.

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