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TLC ’90 Day Fiancé – B90 Strikes Back!’ Spoilers: Big Ed Brown’s Mother Found A Treasure

TLC '90 Day Fiancé – B90 Strikes Back!' Spoilers – Big Ed Brown’s Mother Found A TreasureTLC “90 Day Fiancé – B90 Strikes Back” viewers, and especially fans of “Big Ed” from “90 Day Fiancé – Before The 90 Days” might get to see his mother soon on the new spinoff premiering on Monday, June 22.

Big Ed Brown Posted A Photo On His Instagram Account

Recently, Big Ed posted a photo on his Instagram account with an intriguing caption – he posted that his mother found this today while she was packing to move in! “This” refers to presumably, his mother’s Bible with two mementos from May 1976 when Ed, then called “Eddie” was in school. One was a “special buddy” award from his teacher, and the other was a little award for his brain having worked overtime. Both are referring to reading, so Ed may have been in elementary school at the time – the style of the awards was in the style of report cards from that time period, on cardstock, and folded in the middle.

The thing to notice though was his comment that his mother found it while she was packing to move in! From a post from last Christmas, we see that his mother posed holding Teddy, his dog, thanking someone for being a fan who had received some of the stickers, of Big Ed that he had received. It has been no secret that mother and son are close, and he actually has been talking about her moving in since last March – but this post was made on June 15. This could indicate that although he has had his house made ready for his mom, who in her early eighties is still a nurse, for several months, she apparently has taken a while to take him up on his offer!

Big Ed Brown Has Made No Other Cryptic Comments About His Mother So Far

While Ed has made no additional cryptic comments about his mother or clarified that she is finally moving in with him as opposed to somewhere else, bear in mind that “90 Day Fiancé – B90 Strikes Back” is filmed from the cast member’s homes via Zoom or a similar computer program since coronavirus lockdowns are still in place in most localities. In this respect, “90 Day Fiancé – B90 Strikes Back” is similar to “90 Day Fiancé – Self-Quarantined”. It looks like she has been with her son visiting at his home frequently, to look at all the photos on his Instagram account and seeing her there.

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Teddy and I bought Mom a jacket and she loves it..!

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Many grown children anticipate possibly becoming caretakers to their aging parents and have them move in, providing them with a space of their own so that they don’t feel swallowed up by the rest of the family, so they can feel somewhat autonomous, and to keep an eye on them in case something untoward such as a fall and a broken hip should happen, and hope to prevent such terrible occurrences.

That is merely the mark of being a good son and is quite different than the grown man who lives with his parents or one of them – it all depends on who is taking care of who that makes the difference! Perhaps fans will get to see her and he’ll clarify on the show whether, indeed, she has taken a while to decide to move in! Maybe it took a while for her own house to sell or something like that, and that was the reason for the presumed delay!

Check out “90 Day Fiancé – B90 Strikes Back” and as always, come back here for news and updates on all your favorite “90 Day Shows” and your favorite couples!

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