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TLC Fans React To The Family Chantel: The Last Chapter

The Family Chantel didn’t appeal to everyone and now the very final season will air as The Last Chapter. Everyone knew that Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett split, so some people might wonder why TLC bothered to milk their trainwreck for another season. Of course, at its best, it was a toxic show, and much more of that will come in the finale. 

The Family Chantel – Returns One Last Time

Pedro and his wife seemed to be in a marriage ready to wash up on the rocks at any given time. Mainly, that’s because her family added to the toxic drama. Perhaps if they had been left alone, things might have worked. Then again, Pedro’s family didn’t help to keep things smooth, either. Fans half expected the show would end when a big lie was revealed last year. remember, Pedro claimed he never met his half-brothers before. However, a photo confirmed it was a massive lie. 

Lies or not, people thought that The Family Chantel was mostly scripted for drama. While Pedro was hated by almost everyone, things started to swing his way as the show dragged on. By the time they found out that the couple split and he entered the real estate market, he’d found a lot of supporters. It will be interesting to see if he keeps them after The Last Chapter. 

The Family Chantel

The Family Chantel – The Last Chapter Arrives In November

When TLC dropped a trailer, which you can see further down in this article, it was shared by Without A Crystal Ball on Instagram. She said in her caption, “It’s happening y’all! The last season…”  Katie also wrote, “…they’re going out with a bang! Divorce negotiations, private investigators, and a showdown when the two families finally come face-to-face. It all starts Nov 6 at 9/8c.”

TLC Fans React To The Family Chantel The Last Chapter
TLC Via Without A Crystal Ball / Instagram

Some folks loved watching the trainwreck that was The Family Chantel. So, not everyone hates the idea of seeing the final toxic explosion. However, others became jaded over the years. One of them said, “I could care less about either of these people or their families. Will not be watching.”

Another naysayer about Pedro wrote, “No one wants to watch Pedro on tv. Chantel I hope you heal and grow, success is the best revenge. Don’t stoop to his level you are way better than he could ever be, that family is toxic and they will all end up old and alone with their cold heart all they care about is greed, money and a green card.”

The Family Chantel – Other Reactions from TLC Fans

Despite gaining some popularity, it seems that amongst fans of The Family Chantel, Pedro takes the most heat. Here is a  small sample of feelings expressed about the new season:

I knew something was there with [Pedro’s side chick]. That was the plan all along. Get papers then bring his woman from Dominican to the US.

Coraima is more his speed. Chantel was always out of his league.

Not a Pedro fan. He totally used her.

Team chantel here! I used to feel sorry for pedro. But he knew what he was doing!”

Are you excited about seeing The Last Chapter of Chantel Everette and Pedrom Jmeno? Would you have preferred it to work out for them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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