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What Is 90 Day Fiance Star Usman Umar’s Connection To Chrissy Teigen?

90 Day: Usman Umar90 Day Fiance star Usman Umar a.k.a Sojaboy took to his Instagram to boast to TLC fans about being rich. Actually, it seems like unfortunate timing given that his new woman, Kimberley Menzies gave him a MacBook as he’s “broke.” Well, he tagged Chrissy Teigen, so some fans wonder what the connection might be.

90 Day Fiance Spoilers – Star Usman Umar Takes Up With Kim – Is He Rich?

TLC fans know that after Usman and Lisa Hamme split, she went off and married a guy nearer her own age in the USA. Well, critics noted that Usman seems on the hunt for another American in her 50s. Already, fans predict the relationship’s doomed before it starts. In Season 5 of Before The 90 Days, fans see that Kim feels sorry for the Nigerian rapper. Allegedly, he’s broke. So, she gave him gifts. So, how come he’s boasting about his wealth now? And, why is he tagging Chrissy Teigen?

90 Day Fiance star Usman Umar was accused of just going after Lisa’s money. While his bio reads that he’s a famous rapper, outside of Nigeria, hardly anyone ever heard of him before he ended up on TLC. So, fans also accuse him of using the show to boost his fame as a musician. Well, now he’s allegedly rich, where did he get his money from? And is he as rich as he makes out? How did Chrissy Teigen help his bank balance?

90 Day Fiance Spoilers – Star Usman Umar And Chrissy Teigen

Usman Umar tagging Chrissey Teigen about Cameo this week puzzled a lot of fans. Actually, a lot of them have no idea why he thanked her for making him “rich.” In his Instagram post, he wrote, “Good morning world and Happy New Year.” Then he added, “I don’t wana talk much I’m just here to say thanks to @chrissyteigen, thanks to @tlc, thanks to @cameo, and thanks to all my fans that made me rich in just 2 years.” While some fans thought that posting his come is “tasteless” others couldn’t place the connection with Chrissy.

90 Day Fiance Usman Umar Connection Chrissy Teigen
Official Sojaboy / Instagram

Back in December 2021, The Sun talked about 90 Day Fiance star Usman and Chrissy Teigen. The outlet reminded fans that “the American model, and fan of B90, helped petition for Sojaboy to have his own account on Cameo, which has also aided in his rise to fame.'”The article also reminded fans, “Sojaboy does not deny that the show has significantly helped him financially. He was even able to build a custom-made house for himself in January of 2021 with the money he made from the show and with help from Chrissy Teigen.”

90 Day Fiance Spoilers – Cameo Income Puzzling

90 Day Fiance fans noticed that Usman Umar claimed he earned “$52,028,269.03.” Well, that’s a puzzle for a start, as to earn that in USD he’d need to do a LOT of Cameos. One fan commented, “That would 8,333 hours of Cameos or 347 days if you did them continuously without stopping once.” However, others noted that it might be Nigerian currently. And, even that is questionable. Nigerian currency is not dollars, it’s Naira.

Still, assuming it is in Nigerian currency, that would equate to about $125,000 USD. According to Nigeria Property Centre, the average price of houses for sale in Nigeria is ₦85,000,000. So actually, his Cameo cash wouldn’t even buy him a decent home. Your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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