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Whoopi Goldberg Snapped At Producers, Demanded To Finish Her Rant!

The View spoilers reveal that Whoopi Goldberg snapped at producers. She demanded them to let her finish her rant.

In the middle of the awkward scene, Whoopi called out the crew member for “making a face” while she was speaking. Keep on reading to learn more.

The View Spoilers – Whoopi Goldberg Slams Producers

According to The View spoilers, Whoopi Goldberg demanded that crew members allow her to “finish” her political rant. On the Wednesday, November 29 episode of the live talk show, the panelists discussed the 2024 presidential election.

They all shared who’s remained in the race up to this point. Co-host Sunny Hostin shared that she had to read a legal note live on the air.

Whoopi Goldberg Snaps -- 'Let Me Finish!'

However, that didn’t stop Whoopi from speaking over her. She got heated when she started talking about former President Donald Trump.

Whoopi nearly got into a shouting match with Alyssa Farah Griffin. That prompted Whoopi to continue her political rant. She wouldn’t even let Alyssa get a word in.

“I was the one that said to the table, this guy’s gonna win, because I saw what people were doing, I saw how they were drinking them up,” Whoopi Goldberg continued.

The View spoilers suggest that Alyssa tried to speak up on Sunny’s behalf. Whoopi said she was aware that she had to read the legal note. However, she wanted to finish her rant first. The moderator tried to calm down the heated discussion. She quickly finished her thoughts.

That didn’t last for long. As the other panelists shared their thoughts, Whoopi raised her voice once again. She continued her lengthy rant.

Sunny awkwardly sat there as she held the legal note. Whoopi then apologized to Sunny and allowed her to speak. Sunny was able to read the note and the discussion ended.

The View Spoilers – Whoopi Goldberg Sparks Backlash

The View spoilers reveal that Whoopi Goldberg is faced with new backlash. Fans called her out for her on-air behavior. They noticed that she looked bored in some segments of the daytime show. However, she gets headed when things get political.

Fans also noticed another one of her bad habits. Whoopi loves to speak with her mouth full of food. Viewers were disgusted during the Thanksgiving episode when Food Network star Carla Hall prepared bite-sized meals for the hosts. Most of them chewed quietly, while Whoopi spoke and ate at the same time.

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