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Days of Our Lives: Is Billy Flynn Heading To Y&R After Chad’s Exit From DOOL?

Days and Y&R fans are all worked up after Billy Flynn left a cryptic response to a follower’s question as to whether he is joining “The Young and The Restless.” The ex-Days of Our Lives star answered, “Well that could be interesting, ay Jordi Vilasuso?” Jordi Vilasuso is also a former cast member of Days and is now a part of Y&R as Detective Rey Rosales. So, when he responded, “Very..” on the Twitter post, viewers of both soaps took it as a sign that Flynn could be moving to Y&R.

Billy Flynn has been with “Days of Our Lives” for four years. It was just this week when he bid goodbye to his work family. He has definitely made a mark in the soap with his great talent. He also received several accolades for his amazing portrayal of Chad DiMera. He was nominated twice for the Outstanding Lead Actor category of the Daytime Emmy Awards.

His exit is definitely a loss for Days and a benefit to the next soap that hires him. Although unconfirmed, the tweet has definitely made a lot of viewers excited at the possibility that they would see the talented 33-year-old actor on the TV screen once again. The powers that be in Y&R have not said anything about this but it is a fact that Y&R is currently making some casting changes under Josh Griffith, who is the soap’s new head writer.

The soap has been scouting for new cast members in the past few weeks. Y&R is looking for an actor who will take the role of “Jeremy,” a 30 to 40-ish ambitious hunk who will do everything he can do get what he wants. The soap is also looking for a sexy actor who will play “Brandon,” a handsome band member. It is also looking for an African American actor who will take on the role of Jeff, a funny, sexy, driven, and a bit egoistic character.

Billy Flynn could very well be a new cast member of Y&R. With his looks and talent, casting him is a no-brainer. However, fans have to wait for now to find out if he will be taking on a role in Y&R or these are all rumors.

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  1. Guest says

    I like him. I will not be watching Y&R. I already watch 3 since they canceled the other 2 I used to watch.

  2. Guest says

    I’m not happy he left DOOL!!!! He was a perfect person in his role as was his wife. I’m getting disgusted with the program with changes such as this. I do not understand why the gay part has to be featured. I do not like to watch that crap and am glad I tape the program ahead of time so I can zip thru this part. Disgusting. Other than that, I love the program but it will suffer without Billy as a star!!!!!

    1. Guest says

      I agree with you 100%

  3. Guest says


  4. Guest says

    Maybe he is the new AdamNrwman in Y&R. It’s a great show. I watch Days and that one. Both good.

  5. Guest says

    Yes, he was wasted on Days

  6. Guest says

    I also think the gay parts are disgusting and turn it off [men kissing and what ever ],and I have been watching Days for over 50 years .Please stop this it spoils the show . S .

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