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Documentary Highlights Turbulent Life Of Young And The Restless’ Kristoff St. John

Documentary Highlights Turbulent Life Of Young And The Restless’ Kristoff St. JohnMost Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans can remember that fateful day in February 2019 when the unexpected news hit about Kristoff St. John’s tragic passing. He played the popular Neil Winters on the soap.

Now People reports a new documentary, titled Kristoff, is set to be released in 2025 that will highlight the actor’s turbulent life. Bobby Razack is directing the film, and it will chronicle the actor’s struggles with mental illness, drug abuse, and alcoholism, as well as his sexual assault and the passing of his son Julian in 2014.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Kristoff St. John – What The Documentary Will Cover

The documentary will cover St. John’s time as a child actor, who made his TV debut at eight years old in the sitcom That’s My Mama.

Kristoff moved on from this with a role in the Roots: The Next Generation mini-series, and also shows his time on Bad News Bears and Happy Days.

After two years on the soap Generations, playing Adam Marshall, St. John headed to the land of Genoa City in 1991 to step into a new role, the legendary character of Neil Winters.

As Y&R fans know, Neil’s super couple status with Drucilla Winters (Victoria Rowell) was what soapy romance dreams were made of.

However, he also enjoyed plenty of other romances with leading ladies like Ashely Abbott (Eileen Davidson), Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle), and Hilary Curtis (Mishael Morgan) – just to name a few!

Y&R Spoilers – Kristoff St. John – His Legacy

St. John scored two Daytime Emmys during his tenure as Neil Winters, one in 1992 in the Outstanding Younger Actor category and one for Outstanding Supporting Actor in 2008. He was also awarded four NAACP Image Awards.

While he did have an incredible career, making a huge impact, he had his fair share of struggles, which began when he was a child. According to St. Joh, he was sexually abused by a spiritual leader that his family followed.

Sadly, Mia St. John, Kristoff’s ex-wife, is in the documentary and notes that he was bipolar and addicted to drugs and alcohol, which ultimately affected his work.

These addictions were exacerbated when Julian, his oldest of three children, began showing signs of mental health issues, too.

Unfortunately, when Julian passed away while admitted into a mental health treatment facility, at the age of 24, things worsened for St. John. Julian’s death was ruled out as a suicide, but St. John insisted it was murder.

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  3. Susan Ifland says

    Loved that man! Good actor and seemed like a nice person. I know from experience what mental health issues can do to your life. RIP, Kristoff!

  4. Geri HP says

    I have been an avid fan from day one, in 1973.
    I so love Y&R !! Enjoy watching the characters mature thru the years. LOVE U !!!❤

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