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The Young and the Restless Day Ahead Spoilers Wednesday, October 10: Summer Corners Lola, Andrew Blackmails Ashley

The Young and the Restless Day Ahead Spoilers Wednesday, October 10: Summer Corners Lola, Andrew Blackmails AshleyThe Young and the Restless (Y&R) begins with Kyle (Michael Mealor) informing the office he is working from home today but says he will have the reports in by end of the day. Jack (Peter Bergman) suggests he be careful, as he is lucky to still have a job and to not underestimate Ashley (Eileen Davidson). At the office, Ashley catches Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) leaving the office early; she expects Phyllis to do her job, reminding her that its her name on the CEO office.

Phyllis Receives Threatening Note

Ashley walks into her office and finds Andrew (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) sitting at her desk, wanting to discuss his payment plan. Phyllis is in the elevator checking her mail and finds the same threat Victoria (Amelia Heinle) got, “I know what you did, and I’m going to make you pay.”

Summer (Hunter King) visits Nick (Joshua Morrow), who still questions whether she told Sharon (Sharon Case) about him sleeping with Phyllis. Summer thinks its for the best that Sharon knows assuring him that neither her nor Kyle said anything, but questions him now that things are done with him and Sharon if he is going to try again with her mom.

Meanwhile, at the GCPD, Sharon looks sadly at a photo of Nick and Christian on her phone; but Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) distracts her; asking if he would join him for dinner at his apartment.

Phyllis starts the elevator again in anger. Jack admires Kyle’s traits but doesn’t like his lack of loyalty, reminding him how he hopped between Ashley, Billy (Jason Thompson) and then his dad.. Jack feels Ashley has earned the right to be CEO of Jabot and when Kyle says Ashley used him to get what she wanted, and she won’t get away with it; eventually it will all catch up with it.

Andrew Blackmails Ashley

Meanwhile, in the CEO office, Andrew blackmails Ashley to keep his mouth shut; but she feels she will weather the storm better than he would. Just as she is escorting him out, Neil (Kristoff St. John) walks in and wants to know what is up with “that guy”?

Sharon declines Rey, saying she might never date ever again; he corrects her, saying it wasn’t a date. He informs her that Lola (Sasha Calle) is making dinner and maybe Sharon could put her psychology training to good use; she agrees. When Rey steps away, Phyllis charges in, telling Sharon she has gone too far this time, showing her the note.

Noah Gives Nick Advice

Noah (Robert Adamson) walks in, asking Nick to let this go and both Noah and Summer admit they know it was Mariah (Camryn Grimes) was the one who told Sharon the truth about his one night with Phyllis. Noah tells Nick he loves his dad but the best thing for both his parents is for them to remain friends only. Nick insists he has enough friends!

Sharon drags Phyllis out of the GCPD, feeling that Phyllis sent this letter to herself because she wanted someone to find out Sharon was involved with what happened to JT (Thad Luckinbill) to scare her into confessing.

Sharon says if she really wanted to get to Phyllis, she would be much more direct. Phyllis scoffs, remembering Sharon throwing her down a flight of stairs; Sharon says since they are revisiting history – Why not? Rey jumps in between demanding to know what is going on.

Summer Corners Lola

Summer sits at Crimson alone, sending Billy a message, saying she is worried about him; he begins to reply but stops and disappears again. Summer spots Lola getting a coffee from Tessa (Cait Fairbanks). Summer questions Lola about handing business cards out and making fun of her owning a food truck, saying she has a food truck only to stay one step ahead of health inspectors and people who get food poisoning. Lola says she has never had to deal with that, but its useful for running down annoying customers, so there’s that!

Summer tries to insult her and Tessa tells her to back off but Lola says she can handle it. Summer advises her that Kyle is smart and can sniff out a gold digger from a mile away. Summer takes her coffee and leaves as Lola grabs a bottle to throw at her, Tessa stops her, saying she has to take a number as there a bunch of people ahead of her in line. Lola says, “Game on then!”

Rey Suspicious Of Phyllis

Phyllis says it has to do with what happened at Sharon’s wedding; Rey defends Sharon, while she hides the threat and orders Phyllis to get out and apologizes for bringing her personal stuff to work. Rey says its not her fault that Phyllis did it for some weird reason.

Kyle walks in as Tessa says she will let Summer fill him in on what happened. Summer reveals she met his “adorable girlfriend”. She says she is not jealous of her and she has someone new too; but he doesn’t buy it that she is seeing Billy. Kyle calls her out on her “love story” and wonders if Phyllis know about it, walking away when she says everyone will know about them when Billy returns from rehab.

Rey Brings Sharon Home For Dinner

Lola sets everything up at Rey’s place for dinner. Rey comes home and knows she is upset, but won’t share who got her into the bad mood. She is happy to meet Sharon, who brings a bamboo plant suggesting it brings happiness to the place. Lola doesn’t seem to happy about the situation.

Nick and Noah arrive at Crimson, although he isn’t sure Nick wants him to stick around knowing how he feels about his parents’ relationship. Nick steps out when he spots Tessa at the counter. Noah talks to Tessa, telling her not to apologize anymore, saying he has moved on. She wants to fix things and he tells her to just be good to his sister. She promises that is the plan.

Ashley is done signing paper work, but Neil is curious about Andrew. She says he doesn’t know professional boundaries and Neil wants to be protective. Andrew introduces Kyle at the GCAC bar, saying his contract with Jabot ended but it would be Jabot’s best interest to keep him on as a consultant. When Kyle leaves, Andrew warns him that Ashley is making a bad decision and has secret information that could damage her and Jabot; but can’t reveal anything because he signed one hell of a confidentiality agreement. He threatens Kyle, saying he needs to change Ashley’s mind.

Phyllis Knows Andrew

Phyllis runs into Andrew at the GCAC, reminiscing they haven’t seen each other for at least 20 years. He reveals he has been running the DNA lab at Memorial Hospital. She was going to give him her card, but he is sure they will run into each other again and leaves.

Rey won’t let Sharon clean up, as they all sit on the couch to enjoy Papaya ice cream. They talk about their personal family drama and how Rey stepped up when their father bailed on them before Lola was born. Rey and Lola get into a whipped cream fight as Sharon laughs from her side of the couch.

Tessa is forced to reveal to Nick and Noah that Sharon is up at Rey’s place, saying she is sure it is just landlord and tenant stuff, but they are in a full out food fight as Lola lets Nick up. He walks in when they are covered in whipped cream. Nick says he has been leaving Sharon messages, understanding she has been needing space. He asks if this is more important, she asks if Phyllis was? She feels she doesn’t owe him anything and he walks away.

Sharon apologizes, and both Rey and Lola don’t think she needs to be sorry for anything. She feels this is exactly what she needed, and Rey is glad they could help. Once she leaves, Lola reminds her that Sharon is single, but Rey is still married and to not be a hypocrite.

Phyllis looks at her threatening note again and catches Nick as she is walking out of GCAC, hoping that Billy actually is in rehab. Nick informs her that he just saw Sharon at Rey’s apartment and couldn’t have sent a clearer message to him. Sharon says goodbye to Noah and promises to come see him in London; he’s glad she had a good time at Rey’s and just wants her to be okay. He tells her there is some mail for her on the counter; she also finds the same threat left for her.

Kyle Suspicious Of Andrew And Ashley

Jack feels Andrew is just a disgruntled employee and thinks Kyle is making more of this than it is; but Kyle truly believes he has something on Ashley that could cause big trouble for her and Jabot and he plans on finding out what it is.

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