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The Young And The Restless Spoilers; Abby, Devon, And Mariah In A Tug Of War Over Dominic

The Young And The Restless: Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes)The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers and updates tease Dominic Phillip Newman-Abbott-Chancellor (no actor’s name known for this important role) is loved by many people. Dominic is the newborn son of Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway). Abby wanted to have a baby but could not carry a child. Mariah Copeland (Camryn Grimes) offered to be the surrogate and Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) offered to be the donor for Abby to have a chance to be a mother.

Abby, Devon, and Mariah were determined to be a united front but now things have changed. Mariah was kidnapped by Dr. Ben Rayburn AKA Stitch (Sean Carrigan) while pregnant. Mariah has been saved but is dealing with the issues around her abduction. Abby has gotten the heartbreaking news that her husband Chance Chancellor (Donny Boaz) has been killed.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Abby Newman Is Devastated By The Loss Of Chance Chancellor

Abby had been counting on Chance to come home and be a father to Dominic. Abby has been trying to accept that Chance is dead but cannot do it. Abby is holding onto hope that somehow Chance may still be alive. Abby is trying to make sure that Dominic is being taken care of. She has turned to her mother Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) and her father Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) for help. Devon and Mariah want to help Abby to care for Dominic but Abby wants to be the one to care for him.

Y&R Spoilers – Devon Hamilton Is Angry With Chance Chancellor

Devon is upset that Chance has been killed. Devon believes that Chance did not need to put himself in danger. Chance had been on an undercover mission when he and his fellow agents were killed in explosion. Devon believes that Chance has let Abby down by leaving her to go on the mission. Devon has started to want to be more than just Dominic’s godfather. Devon is Dominic’s biological father and has started to want to be considered to be Dominic’s real father. Devon wants Abby and Dominic to have the support they need. Abby wants Chance to be Dominic’s father and may not want Devon to be legally made Dominic’s father.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Mariah Copeland Is Worried Because Chance Chancellor is Gone

Mariah has been having trouble letting Dominic go. She has been worried that Abby could not take care of him. Mariah has been trying to move past her abduction. She believed that she and her girlfriend Tessa Porter (Cait Fairbanks) should have a baby of their own. Tessa is not ready to become a mother. Mariah is worried that Abby may not be able to show Dominic the love that he needs because she is trying to deal with the loss of Chance. Mariah has wanted to be the one that takes care of Dominic. She still feels that Dominic would be better with her.

Y&R Spoilers – Dominic Phillip Newman-Abbott-Chancellor Needs Everyone that Cares for Him

The Young and the Restless Dominic needs to have the love and support of all the people in his life. Abby needs to find a way to overcome her grief to be a good mother to him. Can Abby find the strength to move on without Chance? Devon wants to be a more active part of Dominic’s life. Can Devon convince Abby to let him be considered Dominic’s father?

Mariah wants Dominic to be safe. Can Mariah find a way to accept that Dominic is safe with Abby? Abby, Devon, and Mariah need to find a way to get on the same page where Dominic is concerned. Can Abby, Devon, and Mariah find a way to work together or will they find that they cannot agree on what Dominic needs? Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Y&R right now. Come back here often for The Young and the Restless spoilers, news, and updates.

  1. Guest says

    1. That baby needs to be in his crib in a large sunny, happy nursery. Squishing him into that bassinet in the living room is ridiculous.
    WHERE is that nanny?!
    2. I’m not saying bring babies in to play Dominic, I don’t want them to; not yet.
    But a soft bodied doll could fill the shape of the blanket, and allow a glimpse of face underneath that cap.
    Right now Dominic reminds me of the Log Lady on TWIN PEAKS.
    There is blanket totally encasing the ‘baby’ all the way up to the cap.
    If a real baby was wrapped like that he couldn’t breathe!
    It drives me nuts!
    Come on Y&R, give the little guy some breathing room, and escape from the drama by being in his nursery.

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