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The Young And The Restless Spoilers Friday, June 4: Ashland Reconsiders, Devon Frets, Victor’s Grand Gesture

The Young And The Restless: Ashland Locke (Richard Burgi)The Young and the Restless spoilers for Friday, June 4 reveal that Ashland Locke (Richard Burgi) has a change of heart. Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) worries about Amanda Sinclair’s (Mishael Morgan) involvement with her family. There is a new development in Sutton Ames’ (Jack Landron) case. Plus, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) has a grand gesture for his wife.

The Young And The Restless  – Tara Locke’s Custody Case

Y&R spoilers for Friday reveal that Ashland has a change of heart. We saw Tara Locke (Elizabeth Leiner) tell Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) about calling her lawyer. She said that her attorney said that the paternity reveal might work in her favor and suggested she pursue sole custody of Harrison Locke (Keller Enriquez).

Y&R Spoilers – Ashland Locke’s Change Of Heart

Ashland must be worried about losing his son. He showed up at the Abbott mansion wanting to talk to Tara alone. We know from the promo that Kyle can’t find Tara or Harrison. So, Ashland must convince Tara that they can go back to being a family again. If this happens, what will Kyle and Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) do about it? That would be cruel to get Kyle and Harrison bonded just to rip them apart.

The Young And The Restless  – Devon Hamilton Worries

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Friday reveal that Devon will be worried about Amanda. He wants her to be careful when dealing with her family. However, the more entangled Amanda gets in Sutton’s case, the harder it is for her to pull away. The family hasn’t been civil or upfront about anything. Plus, they seem to have so many secrets and there is bound to be more hidden away. Now they are roping Amanda into this case but that will probably come with strings attached. Plus, what exactly will Amanda learn by the end of the case?

Speaking of Amanda’s learning information, she is shocked by a new development in the case. What will be the next piece of information she comes across?

Y&R Spoilers – For Friday

On Friday, fans can also expect Victor to surprise Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) with a grand gesture. Meanwhile, Summer Newman (Hunter King) will have some serious decisions to make. If Tara and Harrison go back to New York with Ashland, Summer will probably feel a lot better about her relationship. However, if Kyle insists on fighting for rights to his son, this could cause serious trouble with “Skyle.”

What do you think is going to happen with Ashland, Tara, Kyle, and Summer? What do you think Amanda will learn about Sutton’s case? We will have to keep watching the CBS soap to find out what happens next.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Y&R right now. Come back often for The Young and the Restless spoilers, news, and updates.

  1. Guest says

    Amanda will find hilery alive and save her from the suttons

  2. Loopy Cooney says

    Summer is going to come unglued soon. Eventually I think Kyle will end up with Tara. Kinda like what he did to Lola because Kyle never knows what he truly wants. I don't care for Summer but she needs to distance herself from Kyle.

  3. Guest says

    Dump the boring Amanda storyline. Just get rid of it. What's the purpose of it?

  4. trina98 says

    I want to see Ashland go back to NY where he belongs, I don't much care for Kyle and Summer pairing so i'm good with Tara and Harrison hanging around. Summer feels threated by them so she's not grown that much. Kyle has every right to get to know his son and if in fact Tara is threatened by Ashland Kyle and Jack should be there to help her out o/w they won't get to know son/grandson. Jack didn't have Kyle in his life when Kyle was that age so I get where Jack is coming from, Summer on the other hand is only thinking of the impact the kid and his mom will have on her instead of making a friend of Harrison and Tara. She 's much too needy for my liking like Phyllis when threatened you can't tell what she will do!

  5. trina98 says

    You are so right ..the grass is always greener over there to Kyle ..Summer came between Kyle and Lola and Sally is so right once a cheater always a cheater, Kyle is always after the shiny object over there sadly, so in that regard he is still so much of a child himself .

  6. trina98 says

    what? I hope that Amanda finds out what really happened to her father, she already knows he was on the hunt for her not knowing there were twins, I think that her grandfather did have someone tamper with his brakes then had it all covered up so it looked like it was just an accident and I also think the mom knows it happened. She is definitely hiding something big.

  7. Jezz says

    Everyone seeing through Tara's victim act. Jack is supposed to be a clever, mature man so he should see through Tara. He should be realising by now she is just using her child. She constantly changes what she wants using the kid as an excuse, she is a horrible mother. This child is being dragged around being told to call people daddy just to suit her agenda. Ashland should get custody. Kyle could have play dates he's about mentally the same age as Harrison. Tara sniveling is getting old already.

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